Z94.8 Facility Planning & Design

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NARROW AISLE TRUCK. A self-loading truck primarily intended for right angle stacking in aisles narrower than those normally required by counterbalanced trucks of the same capacity.

NATURAL FREQUENCY VIBRATING CONVEYOR. A vibrating conveyor in which the rate of free vibration of the trough on its resilient supports is approximately the same as the rate of vibration induced by the driving mechanism.

NESTING TARGET (PORTABLE METAL STACKING RACK). A formed metal piece (female form) affixed to the top of the post designed to retain the plug on the leg.

NET WEIGHT. The weight of the contents, not including the container (gross weight less tare weight).

NICKEL-IRON STORAGE BATTERY. A storage battery in which the positive active material consists of oxides of nickel, the negative active material consists of a mixture of iron and iron oxides and the alkaline electrolyte is usually an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide. (The cells have a nominal voltage of 1.2.)

NONPERISHABLES. Items of inventory which do not spoil or deteriorate  readily.


NONRIGID TIE. A member that connects two single racks maintaining a constant space, but does not add to the rigidity of the assembly.

NONTELESCOPING MAST. A mast in which the support member or members providing the guideways for vertical movement of the fork carriage do not move vertically with respect to the truck.

NO-READ. The absence of data at the scanner output after an attempted scan due to no code, defective code, scanner failure or operator error.

NORMAL AND PROPER USAGE. Operation of the equipment with a program of regular maintenance in accordance with generally accepted practices and within the rated capacity and service classification for which it was specified and designed.

NOTCHED STRINGER. A stringer which has openings cut out for insertion of pallet lifting devices.


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