Z94.8 Facility Planning & Design

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HAND. (1) The right hand or left hand of a conveyor is determined by facing the direction in which the material is flowing. In the case of a reversible conveyor, the hand is determined when the material is flowing toward the drive end. (2)  In a screw conveyor a right-hand screw when rotated clockwise will move material toward the observer; a left-hand screw when rotated clockwise will move material away from the observer.

HAND TRUCK. A general group of nonpowered industrial trucks for operation by a pedestrian.

HANGER RODS. Steel rods which, together with other suspension fittings, are used to suspend equipment from the supporting structure.

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL OR OPERATION. Any material or operation which has the potential for producing environmental hazards, personal injury and/or property damage.

HEEL (CANTILEVER RACK). The back part of the base of a single sided upright.

HEIGHT ABOVE DECK (PORTABLE METAL STACKING RACK). The clear vertical opening from the deck surface to the underside of the target.

HEIGHT OF SCAN. The maximum vertical scanning dimension of a moving scanner at a specific distance from the face of the scanner.

HELIUM NEON LASER. The type of laser most commonly used in bar code scanners.

HIGH LIFT PLATFORM TRUCK. A self-loading truck equipped with a load platform intended primarily for transporting and tiering loaded skid platforms.

HIGH LIFT TRUCK. A self-loading truck equipped with an elevating mechanism designed to permit tiering.

HIGH RISE AS/RS. A warehouse with an AS/RS of height 50 to 120 feet.

HINGED FEEDER. One which vertically reciprocates one end of an adjoining hinged horizontal conveyor to provide synchronization with the movement of a vertical conveyor during the period required to permit transfer of objects from the vertical to the horizontal conveyor; or from the horizontal to the vertical conveyor.

HOIST. Mechanism for lifting and lowering loads.

HONEYCOMBING. The practice of removing merchandise in pallet-load quantities where the space is not exhausted in an orderly fashion. This results in inefficiencies due to the fact that the received merchandise may not be efficiently stored in the space which is created by the honeycombing.

HOOK APPROACH. The minimum horizontal distance between the center of the runway rail and the hook.

HORIZONTAL BAY CLEARANCE. The internal dimension between upright posts parallel to the aisle.

HORIZONTAL RAIL CLEARANCE. The dimension between the two nearest edges of the rails.

HUGGER BELT CONVEYOR. Two belt conveyors whose conveying surfaces combine to convey loads up steep inclines or vertically.

HYDRAULIC CONVEYOR. A conveyor in which water jets form the conveying medium for bulk materials through pipes and troughs.


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