Z94.8 Facility Planning & Design

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GANTRY CRANE. A traveling crane similar to an overhead crane, except that the bridge for carrying the hoisting mechanism is rigidly supported on two or more legs running on fixed rails or other runway.

GAS-ELECTRIC TRUCK. An electric truck in which the power source is a gasoline or LP gas engine-driven generator.

GATEWAY CITY (AIR TRANSPORT). That city at which the aircraft first lands upon arrival in the USA and/or the last city from which the aircraft takes off when leaving the USA.

GAUGE OF DOUBLE GIRDER CRANES. The center-to-center distance between two crane girders.

GAUGER TABLE. The combination of a conveyor and any mechanism to stop and gauge the cutting length at a shear in a metal processing line.

GENERAL COMMODITY RATE (AIR TRANSPORT). Published air freight rates for all commodities except those for which specific rates have been filed.

GIRDER CRANE. Horizontal beam of the crane bridge which supports the trolley and is supported by the end trucks.

GRADE CLEARANCE. The maximum grade change that the vehicle will clear empty and loaded without abnormal mechanical contact between the floor and the vehicle.

GRADE RESISTANCE. The component of gravitational force affecting movement up an inclined plane and acting at center of gravity of a vehicle in a direction parallel to the surface on which the wheels are supported. It is numerically equal to the product of gross vehicle weight and the sine of the angle of incline.

GRAVITY DISCHARGE BUCKET CONVEYOR. A conveyor using gravity discharge buckets attached between two endless chains and which operate in suitable troughs and casings in horizontal, inclined and vertical paths over suitable drive, corner and take-up terminals.

GRAVITY HOPPER. A surge bin attached to the tail end of a portable conveyor which utilizes the conveyor belt as a live bottom.

GROSS WEIGHT. The weight of a container plus its contents.

GUIDED RAIL (DRIVE-IN, DRIVE-THRU RACKS). A combination of rail and rail guide.


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