Z94.8 Facility Planning & Design

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EDGEMEMBER. A deckmember assembled at right angles to and at the extreme ends of stringers or stringer members.

EL CONVEYOR. A trough type roller or wheel conveyor consisting of two parallel rows of rollers or wheels set at a 90° included angle, with one row providing a sloped carrying surface and the other acting as guard. (See ROLLER CONVEYOR; WHEEL CONVEYOR.)

ELECTRICALLY BAFFLED. Wired in such a way that electric current is cut off from motor-driven equipment approaching units, which are not properly set for passage of the equipment.

ELECTRIC TRACTOR. An industrial tractor in which the principal energy is transmitted from power source to motor(s) in the form of electricity and can be either battery, gas-electric, diesel-electric or tethered-electric.

ELECTRIC TRUCK. A truck in which principal energy is transmitted from power source to motor(s) in the form of electricity.

ELEVATING CONVEYOR. Any conveyor used to discharge material at a point higher than that at which it was received. Term is specifically applied to certain underground mine conveyors.

EMERGENCY EXIT. An exit used only by people in case of an emergency. There are building codes that must be adhered to when locating.

EMPTY PALLET STACKER. A device for receiving empty pallets and automatically stacking them for re-use or shipment.

ENCLOSED DOCK. A dock enclosed from the top, or top and two sides, to provide minimal protection to goods and handling personnel from exposure to outside elements.

ENCLOSED TRACK TROLLEY CONVEYOR. A trolley conveyor where the propelling medium such as chain, cable or other linkage and the trolleys or load-carrying wheels are supported and completely enclosed by a tubular type track. (See TROLLEY CONVEYOR.)

ENCODED AREA. The total lineal dimension consumed by all characters of a code pattern including start/stop and data.

END CONTROL TRUCK. A powered industrial truck in which the driver’s position is located at the end opposite the load end of the vehicle.

END FRAMES (PORTABLE METAL STACKING RACK). A completely removable unit making up one side of the rack. Consists of two posts with appropriate bracing separating the posts so as to nest with two corners of the base rack.

END STOP. A device located at the end of a track or crane bridge to prevent the carrier or crane from leaving the track or crane bridge.

END TIE. A structural member other than the end truck which connects the ends of the girders to maintain the squareness of the bridge.

END TRUCKS. The assemblies consisting of truck frame and wheels which support the crane girders.

EN MASSE CONVEYOR. A conveyor comprised of a series of skeleton or solid flights on an endless chain or other linkage which operates in horizontal, inclined, or vertical paths within a closely fitted casing for the carrying run. Bulk material is conveyed and elevated in a substantially continuous stream with a full cross section of the casing.

ESCALATOR. A passenger conveyor in which the passenger-carrying surfaces usually form stairs where travel is on a slope.

EXPENDABLE CONTAINER. A container intended to be discarded after one cycle of use.

EXTENDABLE CONVEYOR. (1) For bulk materials; conveyor is usually of troughed design and may be lengthened or shortened while in operation. Commonly used in underground mine conveyor work. (2) For packaged materials, objects, or units; conveyor may be one of several types including roller, wheel, or belt conveyors. Construction is such that the conveyor may be lengthened or shortened within limits to suit operating needs.

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