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QUALIFIED OPERATOR. A worker judged to have met certain criteria to perform a given job.

QUALIFIED STOCK OPTION. A stock option granted after December 31, 1963, which meets certain IRS codes and allows participants to take advantage of such tax benefits as capital gains which are not allowed under other options.

QUALITY BONUS. Additional payment for maintaining or attaining specified levels of excellence of work output.

QUALITY CIRCLE. A technique frequently used in Japanese companies and adopted by some American companies in which groups of workers, usually under the guidance of a facilitator or trainer, seek to find ways to resolve quality problems, improve quality, and increase production. Can be used with both office and factory workers. Considered a form of participative management.

QUALITY OF WORKLIFE PROGRAM. Programs developed by management, often in cooperation with employees and/or employee groups (unions) and usually administered by the personnel department (or jointly with the union) designed to improve the social and psychological needs of employees. Such programs are designed to recognize employees as total human beings as opposed to the concept of labor as a commodity and, therefore, to improve the workplace in terms of human needs for recognition, motivation, praise, appreciation, etc.

QUANTITATIVE JOB EVALUATION. Job evaluation systems that involve the use of numerical indices and analyses in the estimation of job value. The most common quantitative methods of job evaluation a re the factor comparison method and the point factor method.


QUIT. Voluntary termination of employment initiated by the employee, as distinguished from dismissal or layoff which are involuntary.

QUOTA HIRING. Employment of persons in accordance with a predetermined plan aimed at changing the composition or past characteristics of a work force or group.

QUOTAS. Incentive systems frequently involve the establishment of quotas to be set as objectives to be obtained by employees. A given level of earnings is guaranteed for the achievement of a quota and bonuses for incentives are created for those employees who exceed the quotas.

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