Z94.5 - Distribution & Marketing

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NATIONAL BRAND. A manufacturer's or producer's brand, usually enjoying wide territorial distribution.  Comment.  The usage of the terms National Brand and Private Brand in this report, while generally current and commonly accepted, is highly illogical and non- descriptive. But since it is widespread and persistent, the Committee embodies it in this report.

NETWORK ANALYSIS. Technique used in planning a project consisting of a sequence of activities and their interrelationship within a network of activities making up a project. (See CRITICAL PATH SCHEDULING/METHOD--CPM.)

NETWORK PLANNING. A broad generic term for techniques used to plan complex projects. Two of the most popular techniques are PERT and CPM.

NON-METRIC SCALING. Methods for constructing a spatial configuration of objects whose rank order of distances best reproduces the rank order of dissimilarities among the objects from original data.

NON-PARAMETRIC STATISTICS. Methods of statistical inference that do not depend upon assumptions about an underlying probability distribution.

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