Z94.5 - Distribution & Marketing

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JOBBER. This term is widely used as a synonym of "wholesaler" or "distributor;" derived from their practice of buying from manufacturers in "job lots."   Comment.  The term is sometimes used in certain trades and localities to designate special types of wholesalers.  This usage is especially common in the distribution of agricultural products.  The characteristics of the wholesalers so designated vary from trade to trade and from locality to locality.  Most of the schedules submitted to the Bureau of the Census by the members of the wholesale trades show no clear line of demarcation between those who call themselves jobbers and those who prefer to be known as wholesalers. Therefore, it does not seem wise to attempt to set up any general basis of distinction between the terms in those few trades or markets in which one exists. There are scattered examples of special distinctive usage of the term "Jobber."  The precise nature of such usage must be sought in each trade or area in which it is employed.

JUST-IN-TIME. An approach to materials management in which the product arrives just as they are needed for production or sales.

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