Z94.4 - Cost Engineering & Project Management

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QUALIFICATION SUBMITTALS. Data pertaining to a bidders qualifications which shall be submitted as set forth in h instructions to bidders.

QUANTITY RATIO. A ratio which measures, for a given commodity, its quantitative shift between alternative baskets.

QUANTITY SURVEY. Using standard methods measuring all labor and material required for a specific building or structure and itemizing these detailed quantities in a book or bill of quantities.

QUANTITY SURVEYOR. In the United Kingdom, contractors bidding a job receive a document called a bill of quantities, in addition to plans and specifications, which is prepared by a quantity surveyor, according to well-established rules. To learn these rules the quantity surveyor has to undergo five years of technical training and must pass a series of professional examinations. In the United Kingdom a quantity surveyor establishes the quantities for all bidders, and is professionally licensed to do so.

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