Z94.4 - Cost Engineering & Project Management

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GENERAL PURPOSE INDEX. A broad-based index designed to reflect general changes in the economy (eg, Gross National Expenditures Implicit Price Index).

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. That part of a contract, purchase order, or specification that is not specific to the particular transaction but applies to all transactions.

GENERAL OVERHEAD. The fixed cost in operation of a business. General overhead is also associated with office, plant, equipment, staffing, and expenses thereof, maintained by a contractor for general business operations. The costs of general overhead are not specifically applicable to any given job or project.  (See OVERHEAD.)

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. Distributables and field costs.

GIVEN YEAR. The year or period selected for comparison, relative to the base year or base period.

GROSS AREA. Generally, the sum of all the floor or slab areas of a project that are enclosed by the exterior skin of the building.

GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT (GNP). The total national output of goods and services at the market prices for the stated year.

GUIDELINE. A document that recommends methods to be used to accomplish an objective.

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