Z94.3 - Computer & Information Systems

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TABLE. (1) (ANSI/ISO) An array of data items, each of which may be unambiguously identified by means of one or more arguments. (2) (ANSI) A collection of data elements, each of which may be uniquely identified by a label, by its position relative to the other items, or by some other means. Syn: dictionary.

TABLE LOOKUP. (ANSI/ISO) A procedure for obtaining the value corresponding to an argument from a table of values.

TABLET. (ANSI/ISO) A special flat surface with a mechanism for indicating positions thereon, normally used as a locator.

TASK.  (ANSI/ISO) In a multiprogramming or multiprocessing environment, one or more sequences of instructions treated by a control program as a unit of work to be accomplished by a computer. 

TELECOMMUNICATION. (ANSI/ISO) The transmission of signals over long distances, such as by telegraph, radio, or television.

TEMPLATE. A model based on spreadsheet software in which all of the formulas and output formats are in place.

TERMINAL. (ANSI) A point in a system or communications network at which data can either enter or leave.

TEXT. (1) (ANSI) In ASCII and data communication, a sequence of characters treated as an entity, if preceded   by one start-of-text character and terminated by one end-of-text character, respectively. (2)

(ANSI) In text processing, the information that consists of symbols, words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and tables that are to be printed or displayed.

TEXT PROCESSOR. (ANSI) A device with associated software or a computer program that allows a user to do text processing. Syn: word processor.

THROUGHPUT. (ANSI/ISO) A measure of the amount of work performed by a computer system over a period of time, e.g., number of jobs per day.

THUMB WHEEL. (ANSI/ISO) In computer graphics, a wheel, movable about its axis, that provides a scalar value. A pair of thumb wheels can be used as a locator.

TIME OUT. (ANSI) An interval of time after which an enforced event occurs. The time out can be prevented by an appropriate signal.

TIME SHARING. (1) (ANSI/ISO) An operating technique of a computer system that provides for the interleaving in time of two or more processes in one processor. (2) (ANSI) The concurrent use of a device by a number of users.

TRACE. (ANSI) A record of the execution of a computer program; it exhibits the sequences in which the instructions were executed.

TRANSLATOR. (ANSI/ISO) A computer program that translates from one language into another language and in particular from one programming language into another programming language. Syn: translating program.

TRANSMISSION. (1) (ANSI) The sending of data from one place for reception elsewhere.

TRIPLE PRECISION. (ANSI/ISO) Characterized by the use of three computer words to represent a number in accordance with required precision.

TRUNCATION. (ANSI) The deletion or omission of a leading or of a trailing portion of a string in accordance with specified criteria.

TRUTH TABLE. (1) (ANSI/ISO) An operation table for a logic operation. (2) (ANSI) A table that describes a logic function by listing all possible combinations of input values and indicating, for each combination, the true output values.

TURING MACHINE. (ANSI) A mathematical model of a device that changes its internal state and reads from, writes on, and moves a potentially infinite tape, all in accordance with its present state, thereby constituting a model for computer-like behavior.

TURNAROUND TIME. (ANSI/ISO) The elapsed time between submission of a job and the return of the complete output.

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