Z94.3 - Computer & Information Systems

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NATURAL LANGUAGE. (ANSI/ISO) A language whose rules are based on current usage without being explicitly prescribed.

NETWORK. An arrangement of nodes and interconnecting branches.

NETWORK MODEL. (ANSI) A data model that consists of a modified tree structure that permits all of the root record to have multiple owner records.

NODE. (1) (ANSI/ISO) In a network, a point where one or more functional units interconnect transmission lines. (2) (ANSI) The representation of a state or an event by means of a point on a diagram. (3) (ANSI) In a tree structure, a point at which subordinate items of data originate.

NONIMPACT PRINTER. (ANSI/ISO) A printer in which printing is not the result of mechanical contacts with the printing medium.

NONLINEAR PROGRAMMING. (ANSI/ISO) In operations research, a procedure for locating the maximum or minimum of a function of variables that are subject to constraints, when either the function or the constraints, or both, are nonlinear. Syn: nonlinear optimization.

NUMERICAL. (ANSI) Pertaining to data or to physical quantities that consist of numerals.

NUMERICAL CONTROL (NC). (ANSI/ISO) Automatic control of a process performed by a device that makes use of numerical data usually introduced as the operation is in progress.

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