Z94.3 - Computer & Information Systems

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LABEL. (1) (ANSI/ISO) An identifier within or attached to a set of data elements. (2) (ANSI/ISO) In computer languages, an identifier that names a statement.


LAN GATEWAY. (ANSI/ISO) A functional unit that connects a local area network with another network using different protocols. The network to which a local area network is connected may be another local area network, a public data network (PDN), or another type of network.

LANGUAGE. (1) (ANSI/ISO) A set of characters, conventions, and rules, that is used for conveying information.  (See ALGOL, ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE, HIGH-LEVEL LANGUAGE, JOB CONTROL



LASER PRINTER. (ANSI/ISO) A nonimpact printer that creates, by means of a laser beam directed on a photosensitive surface, a latent image which is then made visible by a toner and transferred and fixed on paper. Syn: laser beam printer.

LIBRARY. (1) (ANSI) A file or a set of related files, e.g., in stock control, a set of inventory control fields. (2) (ANSI) A repository for dismountable recorded media, such as magnetic disk packs and magnetic tapes.

LIFO (LAST-IN-FIRST-OUT). (ANSI) A queuing technique in which the next item to be retrieved is the item most recently placed in the queue.

LIGHT PEN. (ANSI/ISO) A light-sensitive pick device that is used by pointing it at the display surface.

LINEAR PROGRAMMING (LP). (1) (ANSI/ISO) In operations research, a procedure for locating the maximum or minimum of a linear function of variables that are subject to linear constraints. Syn: linear optimization. 

LINE PRINTER. (1) (ANSI/ISO) A device that prints a line of characters as a unit.

LINKAGE EDITOR. (ANSI/ISO) A program for creating a load module from one or more object modules or load modules, or by resolving cross-references among the object modules, and possibly by relocating elements. Syn: linker.

LIST. (1) (ANSI/ISO) An ordered set of items of data. (2) (ANSI) To print or otherwise display items of data that meet specified criteria. 

LOAD. (ANSI/ISO) (1) To enter data or programs into storage or working registers. (2) (ANSI) To insert data values into a database what previously contained no occurrences of data.

LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN). (ANSI) A data network, located on a user's premises, within a limited geographic region. Communication within a local area network is not subject to external regulation; however, communication across the network boundary may be subject to some form of regulation. A local area network does not use store-and-forward techniques.

LOGICAL RECORD. (ANSI) A record independent of its physical environment. Portions of the same logical record may be located in different physical records, or several logical records or parts of logical records may be located in one physical record.

LOOP. (ANSI/ISO) A sequence of instructions that may be executed repeatedly while a certain condition prevails. In some implementations, no test is made to discover whether the condition prevails until the loop has been executed once.

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