Do I Need a Co-Advisor?

With increased job responsibilities and the demands often associated with sometimes being advisor to more than one student organization some advisors are splitting responsibilities with another individual. An emerging trend is designating a co-advisor for a specific chapter project or event as mentioned below. How advisors split these responsibilities vary from college to college, and there is no "right" way to split these roles.

The Co-Advisor's Roles and Responsibilities

Some of the various ways advisors could divide the role include:

  • Sharing in attending different meetings and events.
  • Having one co-advisor handle chapter meetings while the other accompanies the students to the regional conference meetings.
  • Having both attend meetings; one works with the president, the other with committee chairs.
  • Filling in when the other advisor has time constraints.
  • Having a co-advisor whose sole responsibility is to assist with planning the university regional conference.

Should you decide to assign a co-advisor, be sure to notify IISE Headquarters so he/she can be added to contact file and included in all chapter related communication.