Healthcare systems professionals head to Texas

HSPI Conference sessions are rich with actionable ideas, and #HSPI2019 in San Antonio, Feb. 20-22, offers plenty of gems. Register by Feb. 11 and save.

Volunteer Snapshot: Shoruk Awad

Awad is a Ph.D. candidate at Western Michigan University who raises three sons and tackles some of the world's most complex problems. Read her profile in the January 2019 issue of ISE.

Enter the 2019 IAB YouTube Video Contest

The IISE Industry Advisory Board's YouTube Video Contest To promote the industrial and systems engineering profession to high school students, teachers and college counselors.

Max your ROI and make powerful connections with IISE

"There is power in being connected. ... To capitalize on the return on your investment you need to be engaged and participate in the meetings." Thom Singer

How BAYADA's new campus changed its business

Creating a unified campus helped a home healthcare provider save costs and improve worker satisfaction. Read this month's cover story in ISE magazine.


  • Industry turns to exoskeletons

    Workers and companies using these devices are expected to benefit from increased safety and productivity.

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  • Radical future of hospitals in woods of Norway

    An outdoor care center in the Norwegian forest is only 650 feet from the Oslo University Hospital.

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  • Lessons from roboticists in entertainment field

    Mimic, a free, open-source software provides intuitive animation-based tools … for programming industrial robots.

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Clemson’s University Partnership pays off in research results

IISE’s Michael Hughes interviews Clemson University’s Acting Provost for Academic Initiatives J. Cole Smith. Smith explained that Clemson’s IISE University Partnership helps professors connect with like-minded researchers, improving their results. Click here to learn more about IISE Corporate and University Partnerships.

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