Pre-conference Workshops

Saturday, May 21

What is the Theory of Constraints and How Can It Be Used to Improve Patient Flow?

Presenters: Danilo Sirias, Saginaw Valley State University and Gary Wadhwa
8 a.m. – Noon
In this workshop, you will learn about an improvement methodology referred to as the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and how it can improve patient flow. TOC's main principle is that the performance of a system is determined by how you manage a set of very few critical resources. The idea is to design the right execution rules that allow everyone to synchronize their efforts to support and optimize those vital resources. TOC has ben applied to successfully in emergency departments, inpatient units, labs, and outpatient clinics. Industrial engineers and process improvement professionals, in general can benefit from adding TOC to their toolbox.

Aligning Productivity with Retention via Compassionate Servant Leadership

Presenter: Dr. Rupy Sawhney, University of Tennessee
1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
The role of industrial engineering is to develop compassionate servant leaders to enhance organizational productivity in a manner that also enhances organizational talent. Compassionate servant leadership has at its foundation the requirement for aligning organizational productivity with the well-being of the organizational employees. This is a significant challenge for leaders as unrelenting and continuous pressure for organizational performance usurps the intended focus from employee well-being. yet, the ability to enhance productivity is talent recruitment and retention driven. This becomes and additional challenge given the fierce competition for talent in a dynamic work environment shaped by COVID, technology advancements and generational work expectations. A solution for talent recruitment and retention is to design a work environment that promotes employee commitment because the work environment enhances their state of mind.

This workshop will initiate discussions based on the participants historical decision-making trends and patterns. The initial part of the workshop will allow participants to assess their core values, biases, personalities, compassion and humility. The assessment results will be discussed in terms of compassionate servant leadership.