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Monday, May 20

Gatlin Ballroom D

11 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Importance of Visualization in Building and Evaluating Statistical Models

Kevin Potcner, Academic Ambassador for JMP Statistical Discovery Software, SAS

Visualizing data has become one of the most important tools for today’s analysts. The power of computational and statistical software tools has made this easier than ever before. For the analysts, visualizing the data and the candidate models during the model building process provides a means to help the analyst decide which models might be the best descriptors of the data. For the audience that these results are being described to, visualization provides them with the means to “see” the model, understand what it’s able to do and not do, and most importantly make the math accessible. In this talk, the presenter will demonstrate this process via the JMP Statistical Discovery Software by SAS.

12:30 – 1:50 p.m.

Enabling Students and Practitioners for a Future in Industry 4.0

Alex D. Molnar, Application Engineer, Simio LLC

This session will focus on Industry 4.0 (I4) and how it has and may continue to affect academia. Although there is much consensus on what I4 can be, its landscape is still forming on what it will become. A session for both university faculty and industry practitioners, we will draw on participant engagement to shape the discussion and provide a space for brainstorming and solution sharing. Thinking about the skills and abilities that students learn at university now and how they may meet the demands of I4 should be of interest to the students, their instructors, and future employers. Not only will I4 be discussed, but how Simio plays a vital part in its fruition. We will discuss the opportunities that present themselves in an Industry 4.0 world, where there is an unfathomable amount of data available, and how that data can inform and power Simio to provide an Industry 4.0 solution.

2 – 3:20 p.m.

Distribution and Warehousing Layout Pick Route Analysis using AutoCAD and Flow Planner’s Auto-route Module

Dr. Dave Sly, President, Proplanner

Evaluating warehouse and distribution center layout alternatives are best accomplished by comparing actual order pick list route distances and times.  Unfortunately, generating SKU locations and then creating shortest path routes for multiple pick locations along those locations is time consuming.  Recent extensions to Flow Planner make the generation, quantification and visualization of Pick Routes in AutoCAD drawings possible in just a few minutes.  Learn how quickly and easily you can evaluate fork truck, tugger driver and order picker flows within your layout drawing.  Better yet - The software used in this presentation (including the 2D AutoCAD engine) is now available free to all universities. 

3:30 – 4:50 p.m.

Virtual Factory Model to a Digital Twin

Katie Prochaska, Project Engineer, Simio LLC

As technology progresses, more data becomes available.  How can this data be used to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing system?  Historic data can be used to create a Virtual Factory simulation.  This model uses the actual past data from the system to analyze long term system performance and evaluate alternative solutions.   A Virtual Factory simulation is used to make decision on the overall system to make the facility more efficient.  But the system data can be used for much more.  By connecting the data sources to be the current live data instead of historic, the model can create a Digital Twin of the facility.  This Digit Twin defines the model from data and drive the model from data.  This allows the model to schedule the current and future orders through the entire manufacturing process.  A Virtual Factory model can transform into a Digital twin by changing the data source and including more details on order prioritization decision logic.  Simio is a unique simulation software that can design the Virtual Factory Model and turn it into a Digital Twin.