Student AND Young PROFESSIONAL Activities

Be a part of the Applied Ergonomics Conference 2022!

Attend high-quality educational sessions relative to ergonomics in the workplace to improve health, human factors and safety in a variety of environments. Network with industry leaders and more.

The conference offers a variety of events from the Ergo Cup® competition to events designed specifically for networking that allow students to interact with the leaders of the industry.

Young Professional & Student Skills Workshop

Don't miss the chance to learn more about leadership skills to help you be successful in your ergonomics, human factors, and/or occupational health and safety career! The AEC 2022 Young Professional and Student Skills Workshop will be held as part of the Applied Ergonomics Conference 2022. This exciting workshop will include candid speakers, roundtables, and network discussions on:

  • 'A Day in the Life' Series featuring various ergonomic careers
  • Job hunting and professional certification guidance
  • Inclusion and diversity in ergonomics
  • Leadership skills

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Students - we want to provide students the opportunity to network and develop in this profession. AES will help them share solutions and obtain professional certifications, as well as provide ongoing professional development.

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  • Price: $82 for AES only membership

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