AES, the Applied Ergonomics Society, supports the Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo, a conference where attendees gather from around the world to share best practices with other professionals in ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources and risk management. AES is a society within IISE, an international, nonprofit association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial engineers, human factors/ergonomics professionals, healthcare providers and related professions.

You will leave this conference rejuvenated and filled with fresh ideas you can put to use immediately. Take the best and re-energize your career with new ways to address your most challenging issues. The conference program is sure to provide you with countless ideas and solutions.

The educational program is comprised of several types of sessions – Concurrent Session, Featured Speaker, Poster Session, Roundtable and Master Track Sessions.

Oral and Poster presentations will be presented in the following areas:

  • Advancements in Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics in Action
  • Ergonomics Programs
  • Office Ergonomics Programs and Applications
  • Ergonomics in Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) and the Multi-skilled Ergonomics Practitioner
  • Executive Track
  • Master Track

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Hear from speakers from top organizations such as:


Advanced Atomization Technologies
Aon Insurance Brokers
ATI Worksite Solution
Auburn University
Blickle USA Wheels and Casters, Inc.
Briotix Health
Caster Connection
Chicago Zoological Society
Citizens Bank
CNA Insurance
Concordia University Wisconsin
Creative Risk Solutions LLC
Darcor Ltd
dod vision
ErgoScience, Inc.
Ergoweb, Inc.
Essilor USA
Fanshawe College
Focus Motion Inc.
Ford Motor Company
Foundation for Professional Ergonomics
GE Appliances, A Haier Company
General Motors


High Plains Engineering Services LLC
Indiana State University
Iowa State University
Iterate Labs
Keene State College
Lean Steps Consulting Inc.
Lear Corporation
LifeBooster Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Marsh Risk Consulting
Mercury Marine
Michelin North America
Mississippi State University
MTM Productivity Service Cooperation
Nationwide Insurance
Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)
Newport News Shipbuilding
NL Austin Consultants LLC
Organizational Change Consultant
QP3 ErgoSystems
Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics
Sandalwood of Canada

Southworth Products Corp
Spine Research Institute, The Ohio State University
SRI-Ergonomics, The Ohio State University
Synergistic Solutions, LLC
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Texas A&M University
Texas Instruments,Inc.
The Boeing Company
The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina
The Ohio State University  
The Rising Workplace
The University of Texas Arlington
Thomas Rowell Consulting
Toyota Motor Manufacturing
Toyota Motor North America (TMNA)
U.S. Army Public Health Center
University of Massachusetts Lowell
University of Nebraska
University of Washington
University of Windsor
US Army Public Health Center
Utica College
VelocityEHS | Humantech
Virginia Tech


Bring your expertise to the international ergonomics community at AEC 2020!

Mark your calendar and plan to join and take advantage of the opportunity to improve your ergonomics skills, gain insight and connect with global professionals within the healthcare, human factors, government, manufacturing and safety and energy industries at this year’s conference.

Learn from those who have been through the process. This conference will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Attend multidisciplinary educational sessions for all experience levels.
  • Expand your knowledge of crucial topics affecting the ergonomics community.
  • Join in on the roundtable discussions and share opinions, strategies, new initiatives and brainstorm on various topics.
  • Come early and attend one or two of the interactive pre-conference workshops.
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

The educational program is comprised of several types of sessions.

Concurrent Session
Concurrent sessions are multidisciplinary education sessions for all experience levels that run parallel throughout the day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. These sessions provide attendees with information on variety of crucial topics ranging from ergonomic programs to material handling to flexible workforce and are presented by practitioners from the field of ergonomics. Attendees will hear real-world examples from companies that have implemented ergonomics programs showcasing reduced risk of injury, improved productivity and significant return on investments. Presentations run for 20 minutes with 5-minutes for Q&As. They are open sessions and no advance registration is required.

Featured Speaker
Presenters with accomplished background, experience and expertise in the selected area as well as the field of ergonomics are invited by the Applied Ergonomics Conference Chairs to present on a specific topic that is of interest to attendees. During these sessions, participants will hear about the strategies, tactics, successes, challenges and results from the speakers. These presentations run for 50-minutes with 10-minutes for Q&As; no advance registration is required.

Poster Session
Information on variety of topics will be displayed in a poster format in the exhibit hall through the duration of the conference. Presenters from poster session will provide attendees with an overview of their topic in a one-on-one conversation. Attendees can walk to each poster presentation on their schedule. Similar to concurrent sessions, poster sessions will also have information on variety of topics.

Roundtable Session
Roundtable sessions provide an interactive format for attendees to share problems and success with each other around a particular topic. Participants may be asked to bring questions or examples, which will then be shared with the group-at-large for discussions. In some cases, participants may be divided into small groups for a more focused discussion. Roundtable session attendees should plan on attending the entire 90-minute session. Advanced registration may be required, and once full, the session will be closed.

Master Track Session
A Master Track session is usually geared towards a more advanced attendee level and/or topic. For the first half of the session, a panel of three to four experts typically give short 8- to 10-minute presentations on their company's experience regarding the chosen topic. During the second half of the session, the floor is open for audience participants to ask questions of the panelists. Master Track session attendees should plan on attending the entire 90-minute session, which will be closed once full.

Oral and Poster presentations will be presented in the following areas:

Advancements in Ergonomics Track: This track will focus on the expanding science behind ergonomics by highlighting the advancements in the field of ergonomics through applied research and the design, development and use of new technology and tools.  

Ergonomics in Action Track: This track will showcase examples and case studies of how the application of ergonomics principles in any industry or environment can reduce the risk for workplace injuries, drive efficiency and optimize business profitability. As our theme this year is “Ergonomics is Everywhere,” this track will include traditional applications in manufacturing and manual material handling as well as non-traditional applications such as schools, hospitals, construction, retail, food service, zoos, etc.

Ergonomics Programs Track: This track will provide practical approaches and examples on the design, implementation, management and sustainability of the various components of a comprehensive ergonomics program.  Special emphasis will be placed on creating and sustaining ergonomics teams.

Office Ergonomics Programs and Applications Track: This track will cover the challenges involved in the implementation of ergonomics programs for all office environments, from standard office buildings, to home offices and call centers, and the products, latest processes and technology available to optimize the productivity and wellness of the office worker.

Ergonomics in Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) and the Multi-skilled Ergonomics Practitioner Track: This track will explore how Ergonomics is integrated in the broader world of Health, Safety and the Environment, and explore other skill sets that today’s ergonomist can benefit from such as: leadership development, project management, lean manufacturing, and being an expert witness.

Executive Track: This track will explore the world of an executive.  It will cover tactics for persuasive communication with executives, understanding and developing key performance indicators, ROI and others.

Master Track: Master Track sessions are a forum for expert level ergonomics professionals to share their knowledge and experience on selected topics with participants. The format consists of 3-4 panelists, typically from different organizations or disciplines, who each give short 10-minute overviews of their experiences on a single topic followed by an open Q&A panel discussion with session attendees. Preference will be given to topics that address: 1) effective communication with executives (from the executive’s perspective), 2) determining if your culture is ready for change, 3) application of VR/AR in ergonomics, and 4) developing self-assessment programs.

Poster Session: Educators, students, professionals, researchers and others are urged to submit original contributions related to the fields of ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources and risk management that can be displayed in an educational poster format.

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