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Most ergonomics programs focus on the analytical processes needed to conduct job evaluations, implement solutions, and prioritize and find budgets to fund ergo projects. What most people are not taught are the hidden strategies that make these initiatives move more smoothly.

AEC 2023

High-Reliability Organizations in Healthcare

A joint webinar brought to you by the Applied Ergonomics Society and the IISE Body of Knowledge
Dr. David Claudio and Dr. Jon Boyer

Is it a repackaging of conventional ISE tools and methods, or is there something more? In 2017, Frankel et al.1 published a white paper on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) website, discussing a holistic framework for healthcare organizations to improve patient safety continuously and reliably. The scheme, which was based on findings by the Michigan Health and Hospital Association, centers around patient and family engagement and considers the organization’s leadership, culture, and continuous learning and improvement. This framework is the foundation for High-Reliability Organizations (HROs) in healthcare systems. This Webinar will discuss the concept of HROs and their framework to assess and improve human-level deficiencies to prevent errors in healthcare systems.

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Strategies and Challenges in Applying Anthropometric Data in Design

A joint webinar brought to you by AES and the Human Factors Ergonomics Society
 Mitch Carswell, CPE and Bruce Bradtmiller, Ph.D.

This interactive and discussion-based webinar is centered around common anthropometric challenges faced by both academics/researchers and industry/practitioners.

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