New SEMS President-elect Brian K. Smith shares the best of IISE Annual 2017, and board member Julie Drzymalski talks webinars and goals in the latest issue of IM .

Pricing carbon dioxide into your supply chain

With climate change concerns and CO2 regulations increasing, companies need easy-to-implement economic order quantity models to make logistics decisions.

Mentoring: A lesson from the Fortune 500

In the July/August IM , columnist Dan Carrison espouses the triple positive effect of a mentoring program: boosting the mentee, the mentor and the organization.

People and creativity: The lean basics

Process improvement must advance to where staff members see it as an outlet for their creativity and expression as opposed to changes that are forced upon them.


Presidents' Message | New Leaders 

Hello Friends!

The results of our recent elections are in! We have a wonderful group of colleagues joining the SEMS Board and executive leadership team. 

Brian K. Smith, Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University, was elected as our President-elect. Brian previously served on the SEMS Board from 2013-16. In this role, he served as the ISERC engineering management track chair multiple times

Joining the SEMS Board are Gene Dixon, Julie Drzymalski, and Kira Hansen

Gene Dixon is an Associate Professor at East Carolina University. He is a Past President of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) and has recently served as the ASEE Industrial Engineering Division Program Chair. We are anxious to get him more involved with SEMS activities. 
Julie Drzymalski
is a professor in the Systems Engineering program at Drexel University. She has been volunteering for SEMS in the past year as the Chair of the International committee. 
Kira Hansen is an engineer in the Technical Excellence Program for Harley-Davidson. She has been volunteering for SEMS as a liaison with the Young Professionals division within IISE. We are anxious to get her perspective on what SEMS can do to provide more value to industry professionals and to retain student members as they transition from school to professional responsibilities.

Charlene Yauch, SEMS President
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan
, SEMS President-Elect
Suzanna Long
, SEMS Past-President

SEMS Says | Looking forward to the Annual Conference in Pittsburgh

The 2017 IISE Annual Conference is fast approaching, and SEMS is looking forward to a great Engineering Management (EM) track and town hall meeting.

The EM track has had 99 abstracts submitted and 39 full papers. The program looks like it will include a wide variety of interesting topics, including performance measurement, health systems management and sustainable management systems. More specifically, some of the papers and presentations will cover system dynamics modeling, optimal team size, organizational culture and kaizen events. It looks like it will be an outstanding program with something for all members - industry professionals, researchers and students.
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Two events that you should take note of are the engineering management track best paper session on Monday, May 22, 3:30-4:50 p.m., followed immediately by the SEMS town hall from 5:00-6:20 p.m.  We plan to add an interactive networking component at the beginning of the town hall, so be sure to join us at 5:00!

Charlene Yauch, Ph.D., is the current SEMS president. She is a professor of industrial engineering and the industrial engineering program director at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. 

Lend a helping hand | Call for volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering for the SEMS and its initiatives, contact Charlene Yauch, SEMS president, or Daren Maynard, newsletter editor.


Industrial Management - January/February 2017May/June 2017

Industrial Management is the member publication of the Society for Engineering & Management Systems. The May/June 2017 issue features articles about meaningful work, creating a global virtual workplace based on tools used by NASA, partnership-based benchmarking, 10 factors for managing modular product platforms, and tips for finding the best change and crisis management leaders. In SEMS Says, Charlene Yauch surveys workers about cellular manufacturing, and Daren Maynard urges engineers to take their management and analytics skills to the political arena.

SEMS Newsletter

SEMS Newsletter

The July 2017 issue of the SEMS Newsletter features IISE Annual Conference held in Pittsburgh, the SEMS new board of directors, links to upcoming webinars, and much more.


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