Computer and Information Systems

This division brings together members from academia, industry and government who share a common interest in topics related to research and practice of data analytics and information systems. The DAIS division is primarily interested in the theory, methodology and practice in all technical areas that develop or apply to data analytics and information systems.

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Topic:  Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Optimization at IBM Reserach 

Overview: Dr. Xuan Lin and her team at IBM Research strive to solve challenging ecommerce analytics and optimization problems. The team have been working closely with external business customers, and have deployed multiple production solutions for ecommerce retailers.

Topic: Research Overview of Complex System Design and Analysis Laboratory
Sang Won Yoon, Assistant Professor, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering, State University of New York at Binghamton

Overview: Dr. Sang Won Yoon and his research team has been studying a variety of emerging research domains including 1) distributed decision making, coordination protocol design and collaborative control theory, 2) large-scale data analytics and predictive modeling, 3) mail-order pharmacy system design and analysis, 4) healthcare systems optimization, 5) production & manufacturing systems optimization, and 6) warehouse management and transportation. This research overview will outline a brief description of six research domains, followed by future research plans.

Topic: Visual sensing and Data Analytics
Mehdi Khazaeli, Assistant Professor, Engineering Management, University of the Pacific

Overview: Dr. Khazaeli and his research team at UOP are working on multimedia analysis and using contextual cueing to improve segmentation, scene detection and object recognition. This research will ultimately contribute to sport biomechanics, training environment and building information modelling.

About the Division

This division brings together members concerned with the cost-effective utilization of computer technology throughout organizations. Members are involved in the interface between management and computer system design, including procurement, procedures and software selection.

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