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Thank you for your interest in IISE's webinars. These free one-hour presentations by knowledgeable professionals and experienced volunteers provide deeper insight into topics and issues involving industrial engineers and industrial engineering-related disciplines.

Most of these webinars are only accessible by IISE members. Those that are open to the public are so noted. To view many of our recordings, you may need to download this codec if the recording does not automatically start. To watch the recordings, users must be able to view Windows Media Files.

Upon request, IISE will award continuing education units (CEUs) to participants who attend the entire webinar. Send your request to cleblanc@iise.org.

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Manufacturing Cost Prediction

Presented by Engineering Economy Division
Feb. 23 | 2 p.m. Eastern time 

Presenter: Alice Smith, Ph.D., P.E., professor, Auburn University

Cost estimation is done in nearly all organizations but it is often ad hoc. Moreover, if the cost drivers are both quantitative and qualitative it is very difficult if not impossible to estimate costs analytically with existing methods. This webinar addresses this issue.

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A Preview of the 20th  AEC

Presented by GOErgo AEC Committee - OPEN TO ALL
March 2 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Tim McGlothlin, The Ergonomics Center; David Alexander, Auburn Engineers and Bill Boyd, Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers

Join for a glance of the AEC 20th Event Celebration. The theme for this year’s event is proud of our past … and looking to the future. This webinar will briefly highlight the history of AEC and how it established and highlighted the role of the applied ergonomics practitioner within industrial and service organizations. 

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IBM Blockchain and Bluemix in Supply Chain

Presented by Logistics and Supply Chain Division 
March 7 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Sloane Brakeville, IBM - Blockchain Labs and Krishna Ratakonda, Ph.D., IBM -  Blockchain Solutions

This webinar will provide an overview of Blockchain with IBM's point of view. Some demonstration will be presented around supply chain and the various components of such. 

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Life Cycle Assessment Methods: Need for Climate Change Communications (3C)

Presented by Sustainable Development Division
March 9 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Gokhan Egilmez, Ph.D., assistant professor, University of New Haven

This webinar will provide an overview of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods from practicality, accuracy and scope perspectives, as well as how to achieve better and more effective communication among stakeholders.

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The Art and Science of Persuasion: Becoming More Effective as an ISE at Creating Successful Change

Presenter by Columbus Chapter - OPEN TO ALL
March 21 | 12 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Bob Gold, Gold Group, and D. Scott Sink, The Ohio State University

Industrial and Systems Engineers, in some respects, are often change agents, agents of change. This webinar focuses on sharing principles and tips for developing your ability to ‘sell’ your innovations and ideas.

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In-process Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing

Presented by Computer & Information Systems
April 4 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Prahalad Rao, assistant professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This webinar will survey the various approaches used for monitoring build quality in additive manufacturing (AM, 3D Printing) processes, including algorithms and sensing systems. 

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Green Building Practices, Occupant Health & Ergonomics: Bridging the Gaps

Presented by GOErgo AEC Committee - OPEN TO ALL
April 6 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Linda Miller, EWI Works International Inc., Mallory Lynch, University of California Berkeley and Lucy Hart, Global Furniture Group

The webinar will focus on the revised Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED) Pilot Credit 44 ergonomics approach for computer users that supports the integration of ergonomics with green building design, construction and operations.

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Supply Chain Transformation - How 3 PLs Can Help?

Presented by Logistics and Supply Chain Division
April 11 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Rajiv Sazena, Ph.D., head, supply chain solutions, APL Logistics (APLL)

This webinar will show different case studies on how 3PLs create significant enhancements in efficiency and effectiveness of their customers’ supply chains with annual cost savings oftentimes running into tens of millions of dollars.

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Systems Engineers are Transforming Industry and Academia

Presented by IISE's Industry Advisory Board (IAB) - OPEN TO ALL
April 13 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Jon McGraw, Partner, Vision Pursue and Carl Kirpes, Chair, IISE Industry Advisory Board

Creative destruction and disciplined innovation are not foreign concepts to industrial and systems engineers. Transformational change requires a balanced approach to problem solving. In this webinar, learn how a mental skill called mindfulness can unlock higher levels of creativity and innovation.

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Modelling Projects' Enterprise Systems

Presented by Construction Division
April 18 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Ali Shafaat, Ph.D., Purdue University

Every project starts with problem definition and completes with the delivery of final product or service. Considering projects as problems, a systemic approach that considers structure, dependencies, and relationships of the systems of interest is required to lead to successful completion. This webinar focuses on utilizing systems engineering techniques for enhancing project/program decision support systems. 

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Applying CI Principles to Reduce Preventable Readmissions

Presented by Society for Health Systems
April 20 | 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Brian J. Galli, Ph.D., assistant professor, Long Island University

Hospitals are driven to reduce unwarranted readmissions for patients with advanced illness, while also improving utilization of resources and alignment of practices with the preferences of the patient and family.

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Successful Integrated LeanSigma Case Studies

Presented by Columbus Virtual Chapter - OPEN TO ALL
April 26 | 12 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: D. Scott Sink, Ph.D., P.E., Christina Steiner, Emily Rumford, Kevin Budiman, Gianni Bunawan, Katie Monahan, The Ohio State University

The integrated systems engineering department at The Ohio State University (OSU) has offered an Integrated LeanSigma Certification Program since 2007. Each year, candidates complete projects and develop case studies that describe the semester's process improvement projects. In order to earn a certification, the candidates have to prove that their process improvements have worked successfully and are sustainable.

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