The Road to Change Starts with a Discussion

Presenter: Jennifer Hooks, manager, Medical University of South Carolina

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” but for those working in lean and Six Sigma, we know there to be a third certainty: change. Every effective lean/Six Sigma project will undoubtedly result in changes made and research has shown that most projects fail in the implementation or control phases, largely due to changes not being embraced and maintained. Thus, traditional lean/Six Sigma tools can only carry a project so far; a project’s success depends upon the ability of a change leader to build the mutual need for a change, create a shared vision for the change, get buy-in for and commitment to the change, and reinforce the change throughout the organization.

In this webcast, attendees will learn how to perform of these actions and address change from the inside out – starting with the why, then moving to the how of the change initiative through the use of five core tools and simulation activities.

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