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Energy Systems Division

Message from the President

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Energy Systems Division is officially set up!

When I was nominated as the 2014 ISERC program chair during the IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2013 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I got to know the divisions in IISE and strongly felt the need to set up a division to promote industrial and systems engineers who explore activities in energy industry. Since the initial idea was proposed three years ago, we have garnered great support to finally make this happen. We would like to thank all of our volunteers and board members for their continued support, and give a special thanks to IISE's Technical Operations Board for their support.

The energy sector is one of the largest industrial sectors in the United States. It is comprised of industries such as petroleum, natural gas, electric power, coal, nuclear power and renewable energy. Industrial engineers are involved in all aspects of the energy sector including oil drilling and refining, gas pipeline transportation and storage, power/heat generation and transmission, and gas/electricity markets. The primary objective is to improve operational efficiency and system reliability throughout energy systems. 

Energy systems have expanded rapidly and are undergoing significant transformation, including new design and service philosophies and new incentives and business models, due to low oil prices, renewable generation and the introduction of electric vehicles. Industrial and systems engineers in particular can play a significant role in solving energy systems problems and can serve as leaders for interdisciplinary studies on integrating energy, transportation, manufacturing, water and information systems. Accordingly, industrial and systems engineers can help address emerging issues for energy systems in various scales, from the community and building level to national and multinational levels.

If you are working on or interested in the above-related fields, please join the Energy Systems Division. Division membership is free for all paid members of IISE. With this division, you can develop your leadership skills and expand your network in the field. We need your participation and further support to grow. As a member, you have the opportunity to join committees, participate in events, attend conferences and more. You can also add your contribution to the Energy Systems Track for the 2017 Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. If you have an idea for an invited session, please let us know! 

Please visit more volunteer opportunities.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, please contact me at We look forward to your participation!

Yongpei Guan, Ph.D.
Energy Systems Founding President 2016-2017

About the Division


Mission Statement

The mission of the Energy Systems Division is to support its members by fostering networks, offering programs and maintaining resources that represent their core competencies and/or areas of specialized practice.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Energy Systems Division is to become the premier division for researchers and practitioners committed to advancing excellence in innovative modeling and exploring industrial and systems engineering tools for energy systems.

How to Become a Member

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Energy Systems Division Student Paper Competition

This award recognizes student members whose paper and presentation both represent the highest level of excellence.

Energy Systems Division Outstanding Young Investigator Award

This award recognizes members for their technical contribution to manufacturing and design.


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