What inspired you to be an engineer? Was it the opportunity to work on interesting projects? Help change the world? 

We all know engineers are critical to our world. Engineers are a driving force behind the innovations that shape our lives, and we need more engineers, and more kinds of engineers, to address the challenges facing the 21st century.

ExxonMobil invites you and your organization to join us and our thousands of engineers in a new initiative to show kids the amazing opportunities for engineers. Our goal is simple – excite the next generation to learn about science, technology, engineering and math so they can be our future innovators. We will be working with the engineering community to cultivate and share content and information that illuminates the profession to young people. And more importantly, show how they can be part of the solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing society by becoming an engineer.

That’s where you and your organization come in. Help us jumpstart this initiative and tell us why engineering is a cool career choice. Click http://reasons.beanengineer.com/engineers/ for more on why we want to hear from you and send your stories, ideas, quotes, pictures, videos and personal anecdotes to Reasons@BeAnEngineer.com.

There are no wrong answers. In fact, we are looking for all kinds of answers:

  • rational and factual
  • not-so-serious
  • personal
  • whimsical

Our hope is to create an on-going and ever-growing list of all the amazing reasons to become an engineer. We will use social media to spread the word and inspire others to add to it.

Feel free to share this letter with your constituents and fellow engineers – as we can never have too many participants in this effort.

Thank you for all your contributions to the engineering profession.

Submission Terms and Conditions: When you submit content to the email address “Reasons@BeAnEngineer.com”, you agree to the Submission Terms and Conditions detailed here http://TermsAndConditions.BeAnEngineer.com and grant ExxonMobil permission to use and post your user content in accordance with these Terms.