Lean Processes and Time-Tested Management Principles

Presenters: Hugh McManus, Ph.D., Metis Design and Merwan Mehta, Ph.D., East Carolina University

This webinar, sponsored ELSS and LEC Conference Committee, will provide a sampling of this year’s educational session offerings. With numerous presentations, workshops, facility tours and networking opportunities, you'll want to plan ahead and determine the best way to use your time.

Strategies for Achieving Lean Despite Inherent Variability in Processes or Products 

Lean is often easiest to apply to predictable processes such as manufacturing and assembly. How can processes with inherent variability such as engineering, service, or healthcare processes be improved with lean techniques? This short webinar will address the basic dilemma of attempting to create highly efficient processes with variability's in inputs and process execution. Strategies including adding resources at bottlenecks (expensive), adjusting the amount of work attempted to improve throughput (difficult to manage), and using lean initiatives to free up resources for flexible response (potentially optimal, but not without pitfalls) will be discussed. The webinar will close with a simple road map for applying lean to variable processes.

How to Enhance Your Process Improvement Initiatives through Time-tested Management Principles! 

Lean Six Sigma is not effective unless deployed in the right kind of a business environment with other world-class business practices. This webinar will discuss process improvement initiatives along with a discussion on what kind of management support structure is needed to enhance a company’s continuous improvement efforts. The discussion will center around how salient principles of lean Six Sigma need to be combined with other world-class management practices like the Baldrige Criteria, Deming’s 14 points of management excellence, total productive maintenance, predictive maintenance, etc., to create a lasting and effective business culture.

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