University of Oklahoma Chapter 861

By Emilie Gerhart

Members of the University of Oklahoma Chapter are heavily engaged in education and outreach in addition to partaking in plant tours and tech-talks.

Friday afternoons are a treat for local elementary students at Kennedy Elementary in Norman, Okla., due to the Chapter’s visits. Weekly, Chapter 861 members travel to the school and spend time with needy children. These dedicated chapter members expose the local children to real life industrial engineering concepts, while simultaneously volunteering their time to students in need of interaction and attention. The selfless students believe they are fostering the future growth of the math and science disciplines and are additionally recruiting prospective industrial engineering students and professionals. Fundamentally, these generous members are hoping to show the young children that they are devoted to their learning and well-being and empowering them to achieve their goals.

The volunteer work that Chapter 861 is devoted to is certainly a worthwhile and invaluable experience for the children and members alike. Promoting the industrial engineering profession in the local school will prove to benefit the chapter now and in the near and far future.