Houston Senior Chapter

By Emilie Gerhart

Members of the Houston Senior Chapter are just as diverse as the city of Houston itself. Geography plays a special role in this chapter’s success. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. This chapter’s home offers a wide assortment of industries to the organization.

In turn, the chapter is represented by many different industries including oil and gas, ergonomics, health care, academia, consulting, technology, transportation and construction among others.

Furthermore, two nearby tier one research institutions, Texas A&M University and the University of Houston, provide invaluable opportunities to the members of this chapter.

This chapter asserts that they are dedicated to offering their members important professional and personal resources. Leadership for the Houston Senior chapter organize monthly networking meetings, an IE Speaker Series focused on Houston industries, social activities for business and nonprofit organizations, and provide student awards for outstanding IE undergraduates.

The Houston Senior Chapter is confident that they can benefit surrounding individuals and organizations alike by working with nearby student chapters and industry members. This chapter is also dedicated to creating a worthwhile experience for its members in return for the selfless energy and resources supplied by participants.

A successful networking event was held on April 15. The professional chapter welcomed the President of Opex Solutions, Martin Nazareth. Nazareth has worked with more than 100 different plants in global five different locations including Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Latin America and the United States. Nazareth shared his expertise in consulting, training and lean execution in addition to his experiences gained from his diverse background. Chapter members received a unique look from Nazareth’s involvement in various industries including automotive, metals and mining, information systems, health care, oil and gas, and ship building.

Dinner was served by Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen to the 19 event attendees. Sustainable Enterprise Transformation through Strategy, Simplicity, & Execution was the topic of the evening. Many different industries contributed to the discussions, and attendees were able to share their own strategies and challenges implementing lean concepts at their respective companies. Chapter members are proud to have taken part in such a successful event, and they are enthusiastic and excited about the events to come.

Best of luck to the Houston Senior Chapter during their development and growth.