Manufacturing and Design

Alleviating Electronic Waste by Controlling Consumer Behavior

This webinar presents a case study in applying operations research to enhance systems engineering. Through statistical analysis, modeling and simulation, and stakeholder input the Logistics Management Institute (LMI) helped NASA assess choke points within the National Airspace System. Learn how operations research techniques helped us create systems engineering solutions.

Medical device development (MDD) is complex, with impact on different stakeholders and covering a wide range of technologies, intended uses and context of uses. Regulations along with the wide taxonomy of "users" provide additional levels of complexity for new designers entering this field.

Impact of Visual Models On Risk Attitude And Decision Trade-offs In Aircraft Component Repair

This webinar presents a method for using visual models to help composite aircraft component repair personnel make better decisions. Designers employ both structured and unstructured decision processes. Normative decision processes typically prevail during the early phases of product development, design and construction.  

 Exposing Undergraduate IE Students to Sustainability and Sustainable Manufacturing Principles

This webinar focuses on opportunities and methods to integrate sustainability philosophies in manufacturing education initiating discussions of how to successfully offer sustainability and sustainable manufacturing education opportunities to undergraduate students.

Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Blended Polymer Coatings for Biomedical Implants

The osseointegration of biomedical implants within the host site is a key aspect to early recovery of patients. This webinar presents the deposition of polymeric coatings embedded with a novel amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) formulation using the direct-write inkjet method. 

A Fuzzy Logic-Based Approach for Handling Uncertain Component End-of-Life Options for Improved Sustainability in Products

Today, companies must consider sustainability in addition to other primary requirements (e.g., cost savings) as well as outside constraints (e.g., environmental protection). End-of-life (EOL) option has emerged as a critical factor in sustainability.

Big M Manufacturing of Small M Material

This webinar will provide an overview of the Big M Manufacturing at Georgia Tech – its intent, enablers and stakeholders. A case study that involves the development of carbon nanotube (CNT) buckypaper will be used to illustrate some aspects – processing, characterization, applications and supply chains – of Big M Manufacturing.

Press Bioprint: Fabrication of 3-D Vascularized Tissues and Organs

Organ printing is a new revolutionary term recently introduced in developing artificial 3-D organs; however, it’s a complex and challenging process in execution due to the lack of fundamental understanding of tissue and organ formation. One of the major challenges is inclusion of vascular network between layers to support cell viability. In this webinar, Dr. Ozbolat will demonstrate a new approach in direct 3-D bioprinting and rapid fusion of vascularized tissue models using a hybrid bioprinting process, where vasculature network is fabricated in tandem with the rest of the tissue. The webinar also includes recent trends and future directions in bioprinting to make the technology practical.