Manufacturing and Design Division

Manufacturing & Design Division

About the IISE Manufacturing and Design Division:

IISE is the world's largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of the industrial engineering profession and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity. Of the 15 IISE divisions and societies, the Manufacturing and Design (M&D) division is the one that provides leadership for education, training, applications, and research and development in the focus area of manufacturing and design engineering. The mission of the M&D division is to promote the advancement of manufacturing and design technologies and technical expertise while contributing to the body of knowledge and providing professional development opportunities for our student and professional membership.

The division provides a common platform for discussion, education, and dissemination of contemporary issues in the field of manufacturing and design. With this purpose in mind, the division: 1) encourages the development and dissemination of technical knowledge; 2) provides a forum for technical networking; 3) serves as the voice of the technical field; and 4) supports IISE's mission in providing value to members and promoting the discipline. If you are not currently a member, consider joining IISE and becoming a member of our thriving community!

 Why Manufacturing and Design?

It is well established that manufacturing and design problems cannot be addressed independent of each other. Product engineering needs to assess the impact of design decisions on manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing must consider both product and process innovations that address the needs of the customer and provide manufacturers with a competitive edge. The relentless pressure to innovate, improve product quality, reduce costs, and increase productivity is driving the community to pursue advanced design and manufacturing technologies. Members are shaping the future of manufacturing and design by actively engaging in research and development and outreach efforts in digital design and manufacturing, advanced materials and processing technologies, advanced sensing and control, and smart automation among others. 

Meet the 2017 - 2019 M&D Division Board


Rohan Shirwaiker, President 


Lourdes Medina, President-Elect


Dusan Sormaz, Secretary


Guha Manogharan, Media Director


John Jackman, Past President


Jingyan Dong, Advisory Board


Christopher Greene,  Advisory Board


Steve Savoie, Advisory Board 


Lukasz Mazur, IISE Technical Vice-President


Pedro Huebner, Student Committee


Srikanthan Ramesh, Student Committee


Jessica Gonzalez Vargas, Student Committee

Message from the President

Welcome! With over 3500 student, academic and industry members, our division provides a forum for knowledge sharing, technical networking, and professional development for IISE members in the field of manufacturing and design.

The key activities of our division include: 1) Organizing the M&D track sessions and town hall meeting at the IISE Annual Conference; 2) Sponsoring M&D Track Best Paper and Student Best Paper Awards; 3) Sponsoring M&D Outstanding Young Investigator and Outstanding Service Awards; 4) Organizing webinar series; 5) Publishing newsletters. In addition, we are excited to announce the institution of a new advisory committee comprised of three graduate and undergraduate student members. This student committee is tasked with developing programs and activities aimed at the student membership and providing inputs on newsletters, conference track and other outreach and dissemination activities of the division. We are equally delighted about Mr. Steve Savoie from General Motors North American Operations joining our Board as an industry advisory member and look forward to developing value-added initiatives for our industry members as well as promoting industry-academic partnerships.

Your inputs, contributions, and participation in our year-round activities are critical to the success of the division. I would like to make you aware that there are opportunities to serve on different division committees that provide recommendations to the M&D Board and organize new activities. If you are interested, please contact me ( or President-elect Lourdes Medina ( I would also encourage you to contact us with any suggestions or recommendations for improving the value of the M&D Division for its members. Please refer to this website for updates and upcoming event details.

Best Regards,

Rohan A. Shirwaiker

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Societies and Division Awards

2017 IISe Annual Conference 

    Highlights of Manufacturing and Design Track at the 2017 IISE Annual Conference:

    • 16 technical sessions with 79 presentations and 30 full length papers
    • M&D Town Hall Meeting sponsored by North Carolina State University, Iowa State University, Pennsylvania State University, and Binghamton University
    • IISE M&D Outstanding Service Award: 
      Dr. Matthew C. Frank, Iowa State University
    • IISE M&D Outstanding Young Investigator Award: 
      Dr. Linkan Bian, Mississippi State University
    • IISE M&D Student Best Paper Award: 
      Lokesh Karthik Narayanan (PhD student), Binil Starly, and Rohan Shirwaiker (PhD advisor), Non-Destructive Quality Assessment of 3D-Biofabricated Constructs using Dielectric Impedance Spectroscopy, North Carolina State University
    • IISE M&D Track Best Papers Awardees:
      1st place: Michael Hoefer, Niechen Chen, and Matthew Frank, Automated Manufacturability, Analysis for Conceptual Design in New Product Development, Iowa State University
      2nd place: Fikri Kucuksayacigil and Kyung Jo Min, Value of Jumboization In Ship Design: A Real Options Approach, Iowa State University
      3rd place: Ridvan Aydin, Adam Brown, Ammar Ali, and Fazleena Badurdeen, Assessment of End-of-Iife Product Lifecycle 'ilities', University of Kentucky

    Archived Webinars:

    IDDEAS - Innovating Design Decisions in Engineering and Applied Systems: The Case of Medical Devices-
    Presenter: Lourdes medina, Ph.D., associate professor, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.

    Impact of Visual Models On Risk Attitude And Decision Trade-offs In Aircraft Component Repair
    Presenters: Deborah L. Thurston, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and James Schreiner, LTC, U.S. Army

    A Fuzzy Logic-Based Approach for Handling Uncertain Component End-of-Life Options for Improved Sustainability in Products
    Presenters: Gül E. Kremer, Ph.D., professor and Junfeng Ma, Ph.D. candidate, Pennsylvania State University

    Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Blended Polymer Coatings for Biomedical Implants
    Presenter: Salil Desai, Ph.D., associate professor, N.C. A&T State University

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    If you are interested in knowing more about the M&D division, volunteering for our activities (e.g., giving webinars, organizing workshops, serving as conference paper reviewer/ session chair etc.), or serving on M&D committees and officers' board, please email Rohan Shirwaiker or Lourdes Medina.