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Thank you for your interest in IISE's webinars. These free one-hour presentations by knowledgeable professionals and experienced volunteers provide deeper insight into topics and issues involving industrial engineers and industrial engineering-related disciplines.

Most of these webinars are only accessible by IISE members. Those that are open to the public are so noted. To view many of our recordings, you may need to download this codec if the recording does not automatically start. To watch the recordings, users must be able to view Windows Media Files.

Upon request, IISE will award continuing education units (CEUs) to participants who attend the entire webinar. Send your request to cleblanc@iise.org.

IISE members and others qualified to view designated webinars can also review the webinar archive and access past presentations. 

Operational Analytics for Integrated LeanSigma Process Improvement Projects

Presented by Columbus/Eastern Chapter-Region and CISE - OPEN TO ALL
Dec. 7, 12 p.m. Eastern time (Lunch & Learn)

Presenters: Jared Frederici, The Poirier Group and Scott Sink, The Ohio State University

ILSS improvement projects require a different type of operational analytics than most organizations are used to applying and using. During this webcast a variety of different case studies specific to ILSS will be presented to provide guidance for process improvement specialists as how to build and execute measurement and analysis plans to support process improvement and sustain improvements over time.   

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Understanding FMEA - What's the Worst That Can Happen?

Presented by Society for Health Systems and HSPI Conference  - OPEN TO ALL
Dec. 12, 2 p.m. Eastern time 

Presenter: Eric Smathers, performance improvement facilitator, Medical University of South Carolina

Discover how to use a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) tool during this interactive lesson to identify high-risk process steps based on the consequences of failure.

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Adding Lean and Six Sigma to Your Ergonomics Toolkit

Presented by AEC GOErgo Conference Committee - OPEN TO ALL
Jan. 11, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Jasbir Kumar, JSK Consulting & Rich Halstead-Nussloch, Kennesaw State University

The presenters will provide an overview and what you will learn by taking the Lean Yellow Belt and Six Sigma Yellow Belt courses.

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Automated Manufacturability Analysis

Presented by Manufacturing & Design
Jan. 16, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: Michael Hoefer and Niechen Chen, Iowa State University

This webinar presents ANA, a software package that provides automated manufacturability feedback to product designers, enabling first time quality of design and avoiding later stage change requests. Manufacturing knowledge is critical to the design process. 

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Solving Problems at a Higher Level: Trans Disciplinary Thinking

Presented by HPSI Conference and Society for Health Systems - OPEN TO ALL
Jan. 18, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: David Cowan and Jennifer Coppola, Georgia Tech, Christie Hunt, Piedmont Healthcare 

Human Centered Designs' greatest challenge is the assimilation of the knowledge, experience, and opinions of a team of multi-disciplinary thinkers. We will explore the experience and methods we used to bring together industrial engineers, computer scientists, biomedical engineers, architects and industrial designers working with clients of doctors, nurses and patients.

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Career and Life Choice Points

Presented by Columbus/Eastern Chapter-Region, CISE, Young Professionals - OPEN TO ALL
Jan. 23, 12 p.m. Eastern time

Presenters: David Poirier, The Poirier Group; Michael Mueller, John Deere; and Rudy Santacroce, CallisonRTKL, Dallas

By member request, CISE offered a webinar on September 12 that focused on this topic presented by Joan Tafoya with Intel, Steve Savoie with GM and Scott Sink with OSU. CISE feels that this offering has extended value for our members and so we want to "cookie cut" the model and do three more for CISE members.  

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Live Simulation for an IoT-enabled Supply Chain

Presented by Modeling and Simulation Division
Jan. 25, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Raid Alaomar, Ph.D.,  professor, Abu Dhabi University

The presentation will focus on utilizing Discrete Event Simulation (DES) models within the framework of internet of things (IoT) for smart real-time decision-support and performance management. The application of DES-IoT in the presentation is for the increasing the effectiveness of next-generation supply chains.

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Transforming the Practice of Medicine

Presented by HPSI Conference and Society for Health Systems - OPEN TO ALL
Feb. 6, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Ryan Uitti, M.D., professor and consultant, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

The presentation will describe methods that are achievable for leveraging technology, teams, and scientific method to improve patient-centered outcomes, while continuing to honor the art of medicine in a manner that is sustainable for those providing care and affordable for those receiving this care.

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Demystifying Cost Justification for Ergonomic Solutions

Presented by AEC GOErgo Conference Committee - OPEN TO ALL
Feb. 8, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Presenter: Ben Zavitz, CPE, president and chief ergonomist, Ergo Human Performance LLC 

Have you been denied money for ergonomic improvements? Has your strategic ergonomic plan been unsupported by upper management? If the answer is Yes, you are not talking the language of business, known as Finance or “Show-Me-The-Money”!

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