The month of celebration of service

Please join us in congratulating the following members for their continued service and membership with Society for Health Systems. These members have completed milestone years of service to the society in the month of August or earlier this year.   

We appreciate your service and commitment to improving the health systems and sharing your knowledge with the community. We look forward to working with you for many more years with the society.

5 Years of Service 

  • Ciro Amaya 
  • Michel Archambault 
  • Shawn Dutchin 
  • Dewey Freeman 
  • Allen Giannakopoulos 
  • Elizabeth Halter 
  • George Runger 
  • Tamas Terlaky 
  • Nubia Velasco 
  • Tim Wagner 
  • Brock Husby 

10 Years of Service:

  • Connie Allen 
  • Evelyn Brown 
  • Kristen Cavender 
  • Ted Flittner 
  • Pauline Hogan   
  • Stephanie Karr 

25 Years of Service:  

  • Robert Ireland  
  • Jodi Kavinsky 

30 Years of Service: 

  • Deborah Halkins            
  • John Terwilliger 
  • Lawrence Van Kuran