Use SHS to improve your organization with a corporate partnership


Do you want a well-trained, well-informed workforce that is committed to quality improvement? 

Do you want to expand your company’s reach to access a diverse group of professionals? 

SHS’s Corporate Partnership Program can help. 

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It’s no secret – better prepared employees lead to a better prepared business. And in these trying economic times, you need every competitive advantage. Partnering with SHS can give your company that advantage. Do you need to be large Fortune 100 Company to take advantage of SHS’s corporate partnership packages? No. Our corporate partnership model is designed to fit the size and shape of any organization. Staffs at small to medium-sized enterprises can just as easily make take advantage of the exceptional benefits an SHS corporate partnership can provide.

In addition to the individual member benefits employees receive, including online access to ISE magazine and free webinars, SHS can customize a partnership model to fit your exact needs.


Whether you need a one-day on-site training session for your engineering and technical staff or you need coaching and training for a major organizational development project such as lean, Six Sigma, or lean Six Sigma, the SHS Training Center can help. We provide comprehensive training, speaking, coaching, and mentoring services for organizations worldwide. Align your training needs with your business goals and objectives as well as the company’s values and culture. Let us tailor a training program to match your organization's needs either by adapting an existing program or developing a new one. Though we work with many firms on the "Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For" list, customers choose us because of our experience and ability to achieve results under difficult circumstances. We are sensitive to the both the needs of team members and management’s key objectives in our training.

  • Access best-in-class training and development opportunities at preferred partner rates to ensure that your organization remains competitive in rapidly changing global markets. The SHS Training Center can provide tailored or customized corporate on-site training or provide access to online on-demand courses. Bundle SHS’s corporate training to get even more value!
  • Bring your team to the many SHS conferences at affordable rates to learn the latest techniques being used to improve organizational performance.
  • SHS puts the latest and greatest information at the disposal of its members with its award-winning publications and journals, webinars, and a vast database of archived content in all types of topic areas.


Your employees will have access to the SHS Member Directory and the SHS networking groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Quickly locate and retain the best industrial engineering talent through SHS's Career Center, which provides a global network of well-qualified applicants and various recruiting solutions.


Build your organization’s market recognition through sponsorships, exhibiting and targeted marketing and branding services for SHS’s many events including the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference.

You don’t have to be an industrial engineering company to take advantage of all these benefits. But you DO have to be a SHS corporate partner to take advantage of them. Our model accommodates all sizes from small groups to large multinational enterprises. Contact us and find out how SHS can tailor a corporate partnership to fit your company’s unique needs today.

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