SHS Committee List*

New Committee Structure formed February 2016

Student Committee

Offers insights to students on healthcare industrial engineering careers including bios of members with successful careers, virtual webinars, and mentoring programs.  Guides the organization on activities and opportunities for student members. 
Committee Email: 
Chair: Vacant
Board Liaisons: Ashley Benedict (

Young/Early Career Professionals Committee

Serves a conduit to help student members transition to career professionals.  Creates a networking opportunity including mentoring and webinars.  Guides the organization on activities and opportunities for young professional and early career members. 
Committee Email: 
Chair: Elizabeth Gentry (
Vice Chairs: Amy Slovacek ( Laura Silvoy (
Board Liaison: Mary Ellen Skeens (

Experienced Professionals Committee

Ensures effective processes related to the Diplomate program.  Guides the organization on activities and opportunities for experienced professional members. 
Committee Email: 
Chair: Susan Seidensticker (
Board Liaisons: Roque Perez-Velez (, Karl Kraebber (

Communications Committee

Actively engages members and non-members through social media and other forms of communication.  Manages the monthly newsletter, improves the organizational brand, and creates consistent messaging.  
Committee Email: 
Chair: Bianca Garcia (
Board Liaison / Newsletter Editor: Lauren Todd (

Conference Committee

Plans and coordinates the annual Society for Health Systems Conference – Healthcare Systems Process Improvement (HSPI) Conference.  HSPI is your source for the latest in operational and quality improvement tools, methods and concepts such as lean, Six Sigma, productivity, benchmarking, simulation and project management.
Committee Email: 
Chair: Lauren Cooper (
Co-Chairs: Thomas Roh (, Bianca Garcia (
Board Liaisons: Evelyn Brown (

Education Committee

Supports the educational webinars focused on relevant and timely topics that are important to our members.  Manages the Lean Coffee Events that connect Society for Health Systems members in local cities (i.e., Atlanta, Knoxville, Birmingham, etc.)
Committee Email: Chairperson: Jarvis Gray (
Board Liaison: Isaac Mitchell (

Academic Committee

Connection between the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers Annual Conference and the Society for Health Systems.  Supports members who work in academia with relation to publications, research, mentorship, and student involvement.  
Committee Email: Chair: John Fowler (
Board Liaisons: Evelyn Brown (

*as of March 18, 2016