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Transition: Chinweike Eseonu takes over the blog and content committee

It has been 33 months since we posted our first blog on the SEMS blog website. The initiative was originally initiated by Lukasz Mazur (University of North Carolina) and Geert Letens (Royal Military Academy Belgium) with an overall vision to become your preferred place for knowledge exchange and discussion about the engineering management topics that are critical to advance your career, whether as a student, an academic or a practitioner.

We can now proudly share with you some milestones we have reached:

• >50 blogs posted in 16 subjects from the Engineering Management body of knowledge
• >10,000 total views from 125 different countries
• >100 comments posted

Starting July 2014, Chinweike Eseonu, an assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering at Oregon State University, will be taking over the blog and content committee.

Eseonu received a baccalaureate in applied science in mechanical engineering at the University of Ottawa, an M.S. in engineering management at the University of Minnesota – Duluth, and a Ph.D. in systems and engineering management at Texas Tech University.

Currently, Eseonu serves as lead investigator for the Process Improvement Group (PiGroup) at Oregon State University. In this role, he leads research in healthcare, manufacturing, power systems and knowledge work teams, with focus on lean process improvement, performance measurement, organizational resilience and technical entrepreneurship. He is also actively involved in sponsored research in healthcare to investigate strategies for sustaining lean improvements resulting in publications in scholarly journals, conference proceedings and technical reports.

In this new role, Eseonu will focus on increasing SEMS blogs and content visibility via social media; recruitment of topic leaders for unfilled/new topics; and even "stronger" student engagement.

“We cannot be happier to have Chinweike take over this effort for SEMS. His wealth of  
knowledge and experience with engineering management, from both academia and industry, is  
reassuring, and I’m certain that our members will benefit from his leadership.” - Lukasz Mazur

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Blog and Content Chair: Chinweike Eseonu, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State University

Volunteer Request: Contact Chinweike Eseonu if you are interested in writing blogs or becoming the next Blog and Content Chair.