Upcoming events and Student View

 IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2014
Mark May 31 – June 3 on your calendars as a must-attend event. The practitioner-oriented Solutions Conference will provide numerous talks on how engineering management techniques are being applied in real-world situations. The Industrial & Systems Engineering Research Conference will feature a diverse array of contributed and invited sessions on a range of topics, a featured presentation, best paper award, SEMS Town Hall meeting, and more. Details can be found at www.iienet.org/annual.

SEMS is proud to routinely sponsor webinars as a forum for providing our members with educational opportunities and reference resources.

Since you received our last newsletter, one exciting webinar has been conducted: Application of Enterprise Excellence Concept in Developing Growth Strategy Proposals in the Aerospace Industry.

Your SEMS membership entitles you to access these and all other previously recorded SEMS-sponsored webinars at: http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx?id=25074

Student view

The SEMS Student Initiatives committee wants to thank the student community for their great response to the Student Paper Competition. Participating students have been notified of their acceptance to this competition. Full paper submission due date is Jan. 22. Participating students, please do not miss this date!

We are also excited to announce that we have started to blog! Our first blog is related to an academic trip to Mexico with students from Clarkson University. Our blog website is http://sems-blog.org/category/student/. This virtual space is about students for students. We want to know what you are into. If you are interested in blogging, please contact Cecilia Martinez.