Member spotlight

In this section, we highlight a SEMS member for outstanding leadership in IIE and for exceptional service to the Society. This month, we honor Brian K. Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Brian K. Smith received his Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the University of Arkansas in 2011. He also holds a M.S.I.E. from the University of Arkansas and a B.S.I.E. from Mississippi State University. Dr. Smith spent more than 10 years in industry holding various engineering and management positions with the Sony Corp. His primary areas of interest are design and management of organizational improvement projects, process improvement tools and methodologies, and performance measurement and organizational improvement with primary application to the healthcare and transportation industries.

Brian has been a wonderful addition to the SEMS volunteer leadership staff. He has championed and assisted with a number of SEMS initiatives over the past four years, and his efforts have created value for many SEMS members in numerous ways. His involvement includes serving as SEMS board member from 2013-present; Industrial Management "SEMS Says" Contribution Liaison from 2013-present; ISERC Annual Conference Engineering Management Track co-chair for 2013 & 2014; ISERC Engineering Economy Track co-chair for 2012; and ISERC invited session chair for 2009-2011. Thank you, Brian, for all you do!