Member spotlight

In this section, we highlight a SEMS member for outstanding performance in the knowledge domains of engineering management and for exceptional service to the Society. This month we honor Marianne Jackson, a physician from the University of North Carolina. She is one of the few physicians who have contributed to SEMS. She has attended the IIE Annual Conference, published a manuscript at ISERC, contributed to SEMS blog, and continues to challenge our society to develop new management concepts and solutions.

Dr. Jackson obtained her MD from Duke University Medical School. On completing her residency in OB-GYN at the Oregon Health Sciences University and the University of Washington, she began private practice in rural North Conway, New Hampshire. During this time she began a specialized seminars program in Menopause management for women based on the model of prepared childbirth classes to provide an alternative to traditional office visits. In 2008 she decided to return to North Carolina to complete a Masters in Public Health at University of North Carolina. Her concentration was in quality improvement and patient safety. Reading about Lean in healthcare, she was determined to find a way to participate in its spread. This led to an internship and long term association with Lukasz Mazur, Ph.D., in their work to bring Lean to University of North Carolina Department of Radiation Oncology. She continues to be a Lean consultant there to the Chemotherapy Infusion Center, Vascular Interventional Radiology, GI Procedures and the Adult Oncology clinics.