Accelerating Early Career Success

In this free Jan. 26 webinar, panelists from Disney, The Poirier Group and IISE Young Professionals will share tips on developing soft skills and filling leadership gaps.

Managing presidential election politics in the workplace

In his Nov/Dec Industrial Management column, Dan Carrison gives advice on managing political passion in an organization to mitigate conflicts and stress company citizenship.


Patrick Hester and Pilar Pazos, both of Old Dominion University, share the best way to solve problems and how teamwork is an essential skill for career management.

The healthy returns of corporate social responsibility

Learn how companies like Costco, Johnson & Johnson, MD Anderson Cancer Center and The Walt Disney Co. thrive by investing in their employees and their communities.

Enterprise Readiness and the “High-performance Organization”

Joe Paris of the Operational Excellence Society and XONITEK will describe how to increase efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously in this free IAB webinar on Jan. 12.

The first annual IISE Virtual Career Fair

Register for the first annual Virtual Career Fair, March 15, from 1- 4 p.m. (EDT). Don't miss this unique opportunity to find your desired profession or recruit your next hire.


Presidents' Message | Transitions, Partnership and Opportunities

Hello Friends!

SEMS has been busy during the last couple of months with several initiatives, including advancing our partnerships with the American Society of Engineering Management (ASEM) and the Society for Health Systems (SHS). We are also partnering with the Young Professionals Group and working on our annual conference planning. Click here to continue reading.

International Perspective | Cross-Cultural factors and the Benefits of Local Key -Users

Implementing a new system can be more than just project management and technical challenges. In the context of a multinational organization, you can end up sharing your work environment with people coming from several nations and distinct backgrounds. When you take their nationalities, cultures, attitudes and technical skills, which differ from one person to another, all of these differences generate not only conflicts, but also misinterpretation or misunderstanding of guidelines during many phases of a project. This is crucial especially when the project is going-live, or when "emergency mode" is on. Read more here.

Lend a helping hand | Call for volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering for the SEMS and its initiatives, contact Charlene Yauch, SEMS president, or Daren Maynard, newsletter editor.


Industrial Management - November/December 2016

November/December 2016

Industrial Management is the member publication of the Society for Engineering & Management Systems. The November/December 2016 issue features articles about using change management to your competative advantage, how to earn an excellent return on investment through corporate social responsibility and investing in employees, and using the right cybersecurity controls to mitigate risks. In SEMS Says, Patrick Hester explains the best way to solve a problem, Pilar Pazos spells out how teamwork is a skill that can help take you to a career in management.

SEMS Newsletter

SEMS Newsletter

The November 2016 issue of the SEMS Newsletter  features the Presidents' message, SEMS says articles, SEMS Student Paper Competition, links to upcoming webinars and much more.