Chapter FAQs

How can I get my chapter membership roster?

The chapter roster, summary activity, and demographic data are available for download via FTP from the IISE website. The roster is a comma-delimited, ASCII text file, which can be downloaded and saved in Excel, Access, or similar software. Contact the IISE membership administrator for more information.

I’m a new president or faculty advisor, what do I need to do to receive the same information my predecessor used to get?

The first step, once there has been a change in office, is to update the chapter record by submitting a current list of officers using the chapter officer slate form. A welcome chapter president/faculty advisor letter detailing the requirements and resources available online and at headquarters will be sent to you.

How can we get mailing labels for our chapter?

Chapters that require mailing labels on a regular basis are asked to arrange for FTP access to download their roster and create their own mailing labels. For occasional special requests, IISE can provide mailing labels at a cost of $15 per set plus the cost of postage. Contact the IISE membership administrator to make your request.

What's the schedule for distributing chapter dues rebate checks?

Dues checks are sent out three times per year for senior chapters and twice per year for student chapters, as follows:

  • Jan. 30 (senior and student chapters)
  • May 30 (senior chapters only)
  • Sept. 30 (senior and student chapters)

What do we need to do to receive our checks?

All green and yellow chapters are eligible to receive chapter checks and will receive them automatically at the regular distribution times. Red chapters are not eligible to receive dues checks. Eligibility requirements for chapters 

If our chapter is red, what happens to the funds?

The chapter dues rebate funds are held in account for one pay period. If the chapter regains Green or Yellow status, the held funds are released with the first regular check distribution after the chapter achieves eligibility. All funds held for more than one period are forfeited by the chapter.

How do we know what our eligibility status (red/yellow/green) is?

Visit the chapter management center to view the chapter health status report. The report is updated quarterly.

How do I save/e-mail the Excel documents on the chapter website?

Right-click the CAR form link (that says it’s an Excel file) to save it on your local computer.

What's an RVP?

The region vice president (RVP) is the elected member responsible for serving and representing your chapter and the other chapters in your region. Review the RVP job description to learn more about the role of the RVP and what he/she can do to help your chapter. RVPs are elected by the membership of their region, and serve a two-year term on the Networking Leadership Council (U.S./Canada) or International Council (International Chapters), making decisions and establishing policies that govern chapters.

Who is the RVP for our chapter/region?

Click here to access the contact list for all RVPs.