Keynote Speakers

Be stimulated and inspired by ergonomics leaders and experts during the keynote presentations. Keynote speakers will present their unique perspectives on the latest breakthrough ergonomics developments in healthcare, government, military and safety.

Tuesday, March 27

David J. Cochran, Ph.D., PE, CPE, professor emeritus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

David J. Cochran

After 40 years as professor of industrial engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Cochran is now its professor emeritus. He serves on the master’s and Ph.D. committees, is a fellow of both the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and the American Association of Industrial Hygienists, and is on the Foundation for Professional Ergonomics board. Cochran served on the founding Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics – certification number 8.  He consulted on inspections for OSHA including the groundbreaking meatpacker case, and led an OSHA team that developed the Ergonomics Program Standard – promulgated Nov. 14, 2000, and rescinded 2001. Cochran has a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s and a doctorate degree in industrial engineering with an emphasis on ergonomics – all from the University of Oklahoma.


Wednesday, March 28

Join us for three presentations from influential leaders in ergonomics at Wednesday’s keynote presentation, AEC Aspire Talks.

A new addition to the Applied Ergonomics Conference, Aspire talks are designed to share learnings, achievements and innovational aspects of ergonomic programs.  Presented by industry leaders, these talks are series of three keynote presentations that drives powerful message, have focused information on the topic and are delivered within 20-minutes. AEC Aspire Talks are inspired by TED talks, an industry standard and geared towards audiences staying engaged while retaining relevant information.  

Your presenters are:

Marisol Barrero, Project Manager, Ergonomics, Toyota Motor North America

Marisol Barrero

Marisol Barrero has worked for Toyota Motor North America, Georgetown, Kentucky, as an ergonomist in the Production Engineering Division’s Safety Group for 11 years. Currently she manages the North American manufacturing ergonomics program. She develops and supports tools, standards, and procedures for use across Toyota’s 15 North American manufacturing facilities. In addition, she leads ergonomics development for new vehicles produced in North America. Barrero has also worked as an ergonomics consultant with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group and Humantech, as well as a researcher with NIOSH. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cornell University. She has been a Certified Professional Ergonomist since 2006.

Jared Glaspell, Plant Ergonomics Engineer, Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.

Jared Gladspell

As the plant ergonomics engineer at Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. in East Liberty, Ohio, for over a year now, Jared Glaspell provides both ergonomic and safety technical support to 2,300-plus associates in a three-shift, light truck manufacturing facility. Prior to this role, he amassed 16 years of safety and ergonomics professional experience in both automotive research and design, as well as home appliance manufacturing. An alumnus of Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, Glaspell holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Factors Engineering. He is starting his fifth year serving on the ergonomics committee for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Safety Congress & Expo. Glaspell resides in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and two children.

Chris Shieldsmith, Corporate Ergonomics Specialist, Cummins Inc.

Chris Shieldsmith

A proven corporate ergonomics leader, Chris Shieldsmith leads and implements industry-proven ergonomic and safety solutions and process for Cummins Inc., a Fortune 200 company with operations in more than 190 countries. During his tenure at Cummins, Shieldsmith has played a strategic and critical role in establishing a common and simplified approach to ergonomics throughout the organization, which has led to record low injury rates and enhanced education, knowledge and awareness around health and safety issues. He has also been instrumental in driving a leadership engagement model around ergonomics, making it a part of the culture at Cummins and shifting the focus from lagging to leading indicators with ergonomic risk reduction a key focal point. Shieldsmith holds a master's degree in ergonomics from Indiana University and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt.