Use IISE to Improve Your Organization with a Corporate Partnership

When your employees take advantage of an IISE membership, you reap the rewards of an engaged and knowledgeable workforce, and gain a competitive advantage.

Institute of Industrial & Systems EngineersYour employees get all the benefits of individual membership, including a subscription to the award-winning member ISE magazine; free webinars on industry topics; and opportunities to engage with other members, including the new IISE Connect. Plus, corporate partners receive additional discounts — and the more members you include, the more you save!

  • 15-50% off on membership dues (and the new member application fee of $15 is also waived for corporate members!)
  • 40% off the regular, nonmember price for conferences (save hundreds per registration)*
  • 40% off the regular nonmember price for training (save hundreds per course)*
  • 40% off job postings in the IISE online career center\
  • Two seats are provided (for each partner company), on the IISE’s Industry Advisory Board. The IAB is made up of professionals with extensive experience and responsibility in corporations ranging in size from small to global. Each member brings a unique and valuable perspective of the challenges companies face in today's global economy and how IISE can partner with industry to meet the challenges that industrial engineers face today and tomorrow.
  • 40% off all ISE and Industrial Management recruitment and display ads

The IISE Corporate Partnership Program offer a holistic, cost-saving solution for your organization, providing best-in-class training, best practices and trends at conferences, networking and learning opportunities, and access to recruit the best talent or promote your organization. 

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*Available for most corporate partner packages. Contact Doug Long to learn more.