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January-March:  Election process for all Societies and Divisions (except Society for Health Systems.)

Jan. 31: Review  BylawsPolicies & Procedures and submit to Technical Vice President (TVP) if changes are needed. 


Election process 


Election process 

Society for Health Systems annual Heath System Process Care Improvement Conference


Submit documentation for awards and certificates to be distributed at annual conference.

Submit annual Technical Health Report to TVP by May 1. (NOTE: Contact your TVP for instructions.)


Annual Conference
IISE Annual Conference -2018 Track Chairs Deadline submission ( June 16th. )


3-Year Strategic Plan Draft due to TVP for approval by July 31




Elections for Society for Health Systems

Sept. 30: Update Annual Goals and submit to TVP


Oct. 1: Submit Awards Sponsorship Documentation due.

Call for papers (abstracts). Society/Division Conference Committee submits to HQ for distribution--see Annual Conference webpage for exact deadline.


Nominating Committee for Elections formed.

Nov. 30: Sponsorship Letter of Commitment due.


Email announcing elections sent out.

Dec. 30 Awards Sponsorship Funds due to HQ.

Annually Newsletters , Webinars , Conference Calls

Documentation and Guidelines




Election/Appointment Process 

Guidelines for Revitalizing or Creating an Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Division 

Guidelines (rev. 6.13.16) 



Policies & Procedures 

Strategic Planning 

 Technical Health Report 


Information on how to set up a webinar

  S/D Leaders Workshops 


Town Hall Presentations

Contacts | Technical Vice Presidents

Amanda Mewborn, SVP Technical Networking 2017-2020

  • Applied Ergonomics Society
  • Criteria for divisions to remain active

Tina Agustiady, TVP 2017-2020

John Jackman, TVP 2017-2020

Rajiv Saxena, TVP 2017-2020

Aman Sapra, TVP 2018-2021

Rudy Santacroce, TVP 2017-2019 

Suzanna Long, TVP 2018-2021

Iris Rivero, TVP 2016-2019 

Gautam Nataranjan, TVP 2018-2021

MD Sarder, Appointed - special projects

  • Student engagement
  • Student shadowboards 

Contacts | IISE Headquarters

Kathy Gamboa, membership Coordinator (general questions, distribution of newsletters, updates to website, certificates for annual conference)

Carol Le Blanc , conference manager/webinar coordinator (set up webinars)

Bonnie Cameron , operations administrator (annual awards)

Michael Hughes , managing editor, ISE Magazine | Industrial Management Magazine (short publications in IISE magazines regarding division activities, students, awards, etc.)