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In order to maintain the quality and quantity of emails our members receive, IISE must be aware of the content and frequency of emails being sent to its members. Therefore, when you send an email to your chapter members, please copy your IISE membership administrator at


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    The Chapter Link

    Headquarters' link to IISE chapters is the new communiqué, The Chapter Link. This communiqué comes to your inbox once a month with important information from headquarters plus tools and best practices to help officers operate your chapter and increase chapter membership. You will also see suggestions on how chapter members can best take advantage of the exceptional benefits at their disposal as an IISE member.

    In case you missed The Chapter Link, see below:

    January 2017:   Let's make 2017 a great year for IISE chapters!
    February 2017:   Why should you attend an IISE webinar?
    March 2017:   Are you a good leader?
    April 2017:   IISE Training Hits the Road
    May 2017:  whom to contact for what
    June 2017:   Webinar
    July 2017: How important is enthusiam in leading your chapter?
    August 2017:   What do you know about the millennials in your chapter?
    September 2017:  Does your chapter have a logo?
    October 2017: Keep It Short and Simple
    November 2017:  Holding a meeting over the phone?
    ecember 2017:  Getting a little antsy about planning chapter events

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    Chapter Member-Get-a-Member Contest

    The following resources have been designed to help members whose chapters are participating in the inaugural Member-Get-a-Member contest. Don't forget to fill out the form to receive credit for the members that you have recruited.

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