Q&A with David Bazinet

David Bazinet is director of operational excellence for Cantel Medical. He will be giving his keynote presentation at the IISE Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference Friday, Sept. 16 at 12:30 p.m. EDT. 

What is the most pervasive issue or challenge arising in lean and Six Sigma implementations today?

We at Cantel Medical are in the process of deploying our Operational Excellence, Lean Sigma program. Deploying Lean Sigma will invoke a greater focus on the customer; create a high level of engagement by workers at all levels of the organization in the elimination of process waste, process variability and process ownership; and create a proactive approach to problem-solving that will greatly decrease efforts spent firefighting and improve overall productivity.

Why is all this necessary? Cantel has doubled sales revenues from the 2013 levels, and our goal is to double them again by 2021. This growth comes as a combination of acquisition and organic growth. Yet at the same time, as we grow, we learn that our old processes do not effectively handle the increase in volume. We must improve our efficiency and our quality. The way we do this is through the use of Lean Sigma as our continuous improvement strategy.

Deployment of Lean Sigma at Cantel Medical is my third and largest deployment effort. My past experience has taught me that when change meets culture, culture always wins! So to deploy a successful, sustainable Lean Sigma methodology one must also change the culture that currently exists in the organization. This is the biggest challenge in deploying Lean Sigma today!

What do you plan to discuss in your keynote presentation?

My keynote presentation will show how Cantel planned, designed, created, and is deploying its OPEX program that has resulted in cultural change and led to a sustainable Lean Sigma program.

What would you like attendees to take away from your presentation?

I would like listeners to come away from the presentation with a roadmap leading them to the successful deployment of their Lean Sigma program.

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