Q&A with Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez is president and CEO of Lancer Corp., a leading global manufacturer and marketer of beverage dispensing systems. He will be giving his keynote presentation at the IISE Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference Thursday, Sept. 15 at 8 a.m. EDT. 

What is the most pervasive issue or challenge arising in lean and Six Sigma implementations today?

Lean and Six Sigma tools get better as time goes on. My focus, as president of a Lean organization, is to focus on the people side of Lean/Six Sigma.

What do you plan to discuss in your keynote presentation?

The body of work from Barry-Wehmiller – a conscious capitalism type of discussion – and how Lean fits into this.

What would you like attendees to take away from your presentation?

To understand the importance of the people and the leadership aspects of Lean.

Click here to see Alvarez speaking about opportunity in adversity, strength in diversity and danger in complacency for the IRC Institute. 

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