What’s in a name?

[Regarding Khaled Mabrouk’s Member Forum column, "What Are We? Operational Engineers," (March)], to me, industrial engineering means a systematic approach for improvement of existing processes in terms of productivity, quality, resource optimization, etc., through the application of various tools. Six Sigma is also one of the tools of IE that is used for controlling processes to minimize defects, keeping them below certain specified levels. Six Sigma is a subset of industrial engineering. It should not be compared with IE because it is part of IE. Further, industrial engineering needs no marketing, as the central focus for any organization is continual improvement – although it is true that the nomenclature for continual improvement changes from organization to organization.

Jitendra Kumar Singh
Deputy director, National Productivity Council
New Delhi

Headline captures program’s essence

It has been a while since you published the case study on the endoscopy work I carried out in the United Kingdom ("Dignity by Design," September 2013). I hope you don't mind, but I used the title "Dignity by Design" for an abstract submission to the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare. Thankfully it was accepted. There will be a poster in Paris next month with that title. In fact, the title has gone down very well with the British Society of Gastroenterology too, and they have asked me to give a speech on "Dignity by Design" this summer. Thanks again for coming up with a concise description for the case study. It has been really beneficial in capturing the essence of what we are trying to achieve as well as spreading the message.

Gary Prior, National Health Service Lean Design of Space
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


On Page 57 of the March issue, Tarun Mohan Lal should have been identified as having earned his master’s degree at Texas A&M University, not Texas Tech. Our apologies for the error.

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