Hone your brand, believability and style

The art and science of persuasion can build your ISE brand
By Bob Gold and D. Scott Sink 

Do it right the first time

Getting things right the first time makes for better products and services   
By Elizabeth A. Cudney and Tina Agustiady 

With machinery purchases, small can be beautiful

Sizing equipment to the piece made sense 30 years ago – and today     
By Richard J. Schonberger 

Analytics for process design and improvement

Proper use of simulation produces analytics that sharpen your decision-making
By Timothy Stansfield, Ronda Massey and Andrew Aitken


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Despite bad press, airline quality is up
  • Measuring stiffness with a glove
  • Quick dry clothes with no heat
  • For reliable ID, the eyes have it
  • Big data for better trucking
  • Gaming helps personalized therapy level up
  • Glass, speed and 3-D printing
  • Saturday packaging from UPS
  • Lean makes the unseen seen
  • The reds and blues of productivity
  • Book of the month: Global Lean: Seeing the New Waste Rooted in Communication, Distance and Culture


Performance by Kevin McManus

Answering the call to change lives

Management by Paul Engle

When disaster strikes

Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Live in Ward D, the Rolling Stones

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

Disruptive innovation can revive manufacturing


This month in IISE news

The June issue highlights this year's DiscoverE New Face of Engineering Nicole Ortiz, announces a call for contributors to two special issues of IISE Transactions, and covers a public policy symposium in D.C. attended by IISE leadership. Kevin Taafe shares how he has stayed connected to IISE in this issue's volunteer snapshot, and 2017 award winners and honorees for IISE's best publications, professional chapter recognition and professional chapter newsletter competitions are announced.

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July 2018



"Do the tedious tasks. It may seem painful, but you will learn from it. If you are new into the corporate world it may be expected from you, so embrace it. If you have been in the corporate world for a while, it will remind you how things really work and how difficult it may be for the 'simple' report you requested. While you may not have the time to do the actual job, at least understand what someone has to go through to get it for you."
– Contributor Nicole Schoch in her July feature, "14 things you should care about"


2018 Winning Videos:
Inspiring Future ISEs

First Place ($1,000 Prize):
ITESM Campus Querétaro (Mexico)


Second Place ($500 Prize):
University of Jordan

Third Place ($300 Prize):
Oregon State University