The right metrics for ergonomics

Ergonomics programs are effective when you choose the right metrics
By Jack Kester 

Deploying lean Six Sigma in logistical battles

Combining methodology with strategy, operations and technology improves military logistics capability
By Chris Hook 

Affordability - a triple aim for improvement

Advancing your organization's performance involves targeting value, customer and cost
By Paul Odomirok 

Set goals, get feedback, improve

Goal-setting and feedback process works in manufacturing
By Timothy Stansfield and Josh Manuel 


Performance by Kevin McManus

Some unintended messages shouldn't be sent

Management by Paul Engle

Gauging your spirit of entrepreneurship

Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

Hoshin kanri for a professional society?

Innovation by Nabil Nasr

UN sets sights on sustainable industry and energy

Member Forum by Rajiv Saxena

Out-of-the-box supply chain packaging


This month in IIE news

The March issue announces the institute's new name and officers, which will take effect April 1, as well as stories about the three IIE Annual Conference keynote speakers, the two keynote speakers for the Applied Ergonomics Conference, new Society for Health Systems leadership, the abstract deadlines for the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference and the IISE Asian Conference, the UPS Foundation annual donation for IIE awards and scholarships. There's also an IIE volunteer profile of Tim McGlothlin, executive director of The Ergonomics Center.

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July 2018



"Do the tedious tasks. It may seem painful, but you will learn from it. If you are new into the corporate world it may be expected from you, so embrace it. If you have been in the corporate world for a while, it will remind you how things really work and how difficult it may be for the 'simple' report you requested. While you may not have the time to do the actual job, at least understand what someone has to go through to get it for you."
– Contributor Nicole Schoch in her July feature, "14 things you should care about"


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ITESM Campus Querétaro (Mexico)


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University of Jordan

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Oregon State University