Engineers who make a difference

Luud Schimmelpennink develops groundbreaking shared transportation solutions, while Conrad Tucker uses virtual reality and big data to innovate education and other sectors
By Michael Hughes 

Killing stupid rules

Cut complexity to increase efficiency and bring joy to your employees
By Lisa Bodell 

Bringing quality to internal customers

Process improvement delights California berry producer Driscoll’s, from carton production to inspection to inventory
By Khaled Mabrouk and Erik Sambrailo 

Going cognitive with manufacturing ergonomics

Paying attention to mental workloads can improve productivity and safety
By Sharon Claxton Bommer 

Peer evaluations hit the factory floor

Paradigm change could help build marketplacedominant teams
By Merwan B. Mehta 


Top stories in this month's industrial engineering news

  • Giving it away to save, TSA style
  • Seawalls, coastal forests reduce tsunami damage
  • STEM program pumps up first-graders
  • World’s first hydrogen-powered train unveiled
  • Follow that career path
  • The biology of tomorrow’s plastics
  • Sharing adds appeal to manufactured goods
  • Print that plate of food
  • The plug-and-play supply chain
  • Cyber threats: A million-dollar risk
  • Book of the month: Technical Career Survival Handbook: 100 Things You Need To Know, published by Elsevier.


Performance by Kevin McManus

Getting better with age

Management by Paul Engle

Managing your risk appetite

Health Systems by Amanda Mewborn

Ergonomics in healthcare environments

Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Responding to digital disruptions

Member Forum by Richard J. Schonberger

Motorola should withdraw Six Sigma trademark


This month in IISE news

The January issue includes details about the keynote speakers at this year's Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference and what to look forward to at the 20th Applied Ergonomics Conference, both in March; introductions to the new editors-in-chief of IISE Transactions and The Engineering Economist; descriptions of the pre-conference workshops at the IISE Annual Conference in May; as well as updates on the most recent CISE meeting and an IISE Los Angeles chapter event, which were both held last fall. 

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October 2018


"Ever since Frederick Winslow Taylor picked up his first stopwatch more than a century ago, industrial and systems engineers and other productivity professionals have used work measurement and time studies to figure out how workplace operations and staff interact with their environment, finding nuggets of information that can increase productivity, streamline processes and reduce waiting time. But no matter how well-designed work measurement can be, the observers can’t see exactly what the workers see – until now."
– Contributor Mike Bartels in his October 2018 feature, "Looking through the efficiency glasses"


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